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Children in Egypt

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Empowering Orphans Into a Healthier Future

GiveLight Foundation fundraiser event, spearheaded by local inspiration Laila Maali, to benefit orphans in Egypt

If your heart has been pounding with desire to help children live in a healthy environment, you get a very special opportunity this month! GiveLight Foundation Orlando has just the right person at the helm of an amazing operation to raise funds to benefit orphans in Egypt: Laila Maali. Laila is a South Orlando resident and by day, a fashion stylist. By grace, a spirit of service, leadership, and giving, GiveLight's work is driven by the love and desire to help orphans around the world. GiveLight builds safe homes and establishes a foundation for a prosperous future in areas of the world most affected by natural disasters, poverty, and war.

While GiveLight is a global organization, the Orlando chapter has carved pinnacle milestones in just four yearly events to date. With their 5th event slated for January 30, Laila and the volunteer Orlando committee are hoping to make this event the biggest one yet! "There is light in every human heart, and each of us is capable to manifest our own light for the benefit of the children," Laila says.    

This annual event raises funds with sponsorships starting as little as $300, with an interactive auction the day of the event. For information, please contact Laila Maali at or visit 

  • Laila Maali - Head of GiveLight Foundation Orlando Chapter
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