Ensure the Long Term Safety of Your Jewelry Collection

Get Your Collection Safe. Get Your Collection Appraised. Get Your Collection Insured.

Diamonds, as the classic James Bond film avers, are forever. At least they certainly have been around for almost that long, forming some three billion years ago deep in the early Earth. And the gold we prize so highly -- that lustrous stuff upon which to mount those scintillating diamonds and coruscating gems -- is even older, older than the Earth itself, those golden atoms having been forged in the furnaces of supernovae exploding some vast time and place away. Call it cosmic jewelry. So why then is grandma’s pendant -- that family heirloom with the 18 karat gold chain, opal stone and two little diamonds of unknown carats -- still sitting in the unlocked dresser drawer, unappraised and uninsured? Diamonds and gold and gems are in it for the long haul -- your ownership of them should be so as well.

The first step of keeping your jewelry collection safe is to keep the pieces in a safe, but only one of the highest quality. For that, the only place to go is The Safe House, a family run business that, for over twenty-five years, has proudly protected its customers’ valuables. Offering only the highest quality products that give you the best value for your money, they carry a wide selection of safes to ensure that you will find the one perfect to secure your collection. From the V Line Closet Vault, installed between the wall studs with a unique three point locking system, to the Fort Knox Jewelry Safe with its eight drawer cabinets securely surrounded by steel with the capacity to withstand a 1680 degree fire for up to two hours, and from accessories such as dehumidifiers and remote sensors to monitor conditions inside, The Safe House has what you need to protect your jewelry properly.

But while it is key to store your collection safely in its safe, it is also critical to know precisely what your collection entails. Just how many carats are those diamonds in grandma’s pendant anyway?  That’s where Van McMinn comes in.  A Vanderbilt grad with over thirty years experience as manager, buyer, designer and appraiser in the retail jewelry business, Van earned the Graduate Gemologist Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America GIA) and has the advanced gemological training in such skills as detecting synthetic diamonds and grading pearls. Through peer review of his exemplary work, Van is a Certified Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and a Certified Insurance Appraiser™ by the Jewelry Insurance Appraisal Institute. Since November 1999, he has worked full-time as an independent jewelry appraiser, enlightening clients on their exact contents of their collections and their true value. 

Once your collection has a safe to go home to and the collection’s true value is known, it’s time for the third and final step in long term security of your jewelry collection: insurance. Craig McElhaney of StateFarm, a Nashville native whose own father was an agent in Green Hills, is your man. He is an expert in insurance with vast experience in all areas — home, life, health, business and property such as jewelry. As long as Craig has an appraisal that is less than two years old, he can craft the most effective coverage at the most reasonable price. One of Craig’s current accounts provides $278,000 in coverage for a single diamond. A more modest collection, say one worth $30,000, can be insured for an affordable $325 a year. In all cases, Craig will take the time to get to know you and your insurance goals.

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