A Kansas City Staycation


Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

Photography by Mindy Hargesheimer

A Weekend Away in Downtown KC

The most underrated travel at our fingertips is a staycation in our own hometown, and being a Kansas City resident who never tires of the WEALTH of things to do here, our family explored Downtown Kansas City East + West and experienced an itinerary that was too fulfilling not to share!

From a two-night stay in one of Kansas City's most historic homes to tapping into global cuisines from around the world, our weekend agenda of a Kansas City staycation is below for you to try out for yourselves.

Wonka World Properties: Airbnb in Quality Hill Historic District

"The fifth oldest house in Kansas City built in 1887," this second-floor apartment has been beautifully restored and renovated to keep much of the original charm and is decorated with the most impressive array of vibrant and retro finds.

The two-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom property comes complete with a full kitchen, parking spot, and is walkable to a variety of urban destinations like restaurants, theaters, coffee shops, churches, live music, and more. Trade in your standard hotel room for this neighborhood home that will make you feel as though you've escaped to the likes of Lincoln Park in Chicago. Did I mention there's a karaoke machine?

Casual Dinner: Fat Sully's + Frozen Gold

Two of four related food concepts in this transformed Westport Ice Building, Fat Sully's is known for its "Big-Ass Pizzas" that are 26 inches in diameter. While nobody "needs" an appetizer to start off that gargantuan dish, the garlic knots paired with creamy mozzarella + pesto and red dipping sauce are TO-DIE-FOR, and with New York-style pizza, the slices are meant for folding and eating, so be wary of the weight of toppings you place atop this monster.

And, of course, there is ALWAYS room for dessert.

Frozen Gold serves whimsical and colorful soft-serve cones: Pick a flavor, choose cup or cone, and #DoItForTheGram with vanilla soft-serve engulfed in chocolate dip, and a top-to-bottom shell of toppings like cookie dough, Trix, Cheetos, Rice Krispies, sea salt, Pop Rocks, and a cloud of cotton candy. Your sweet tooth will never stop thanking you for this treat.

Brunch: Seven Swans Creperie + Fervere

Local favorite food-truck-turned-Westside-corner-cafe Seven Swans serves the most incredible sweet and savory crepes to its breakfast and lunch patrons. With Parisian vibes and Nesting Dolls scattered throughout this Russian-inspired moniker, try the savory "Forest" with Bacon/Mushroom/Spinach w/ Garlic Parmesan Sauce, or the "Campfire" with Marshmallow/Chocolate Ganache/Graham Cracker w/ Whipped Cream.

Don't forget to shop owner Kate's Gifts & Goods for some adorable artisan finds on your way out!

Got carbs and baked goods on the brain? Fervere is the city's most intimate bakery, creating "Standard" and "Expanded" loaves alongside pastries and a rotating sweet offering, like cookies and cinnamon rolls. Fervere is open with limited Thur-Sat hours and a cozy takeaway spot for fresh baked breads. A "Must" Indulgence; the "Cheese Slipper."

Arts & Culture: Kansas City Street Art

The Crossroads Arts District is constantly growing in its unbelievably colorful, story-telling, wildly impressive murals that grace city walls up, down, and inside out of alleys. With an annual @sprayseemo festival that brings in dozens of additional works of art by artists locally and from far-reaching corners around the globe, follow the online map of the last four years of festival work along with the plethora of independent expressions of creativity that are so photo-worthy and make us one of the most beautiful urban destinations in the country!

"The Earth without 'Art' is just 'Eh.'" - Demetri Martin

Paradise Garden Club

Curious about where all of the fabulous foliage within the Airbnb came from? Pop into Paradise Garden Club in the East Crossroads! Part urban nursery, part community for like-minded creatives and green thumb class-takers, PGC is your journey into greener pastures. Stock up on succulents, cacti, and a whole lot of other variations that this black thumb began to learn so much about!

Seasonal: Leaf Peeping

Our October weekend was a perfect time to "leaf peep" even in the vicinity of urban KC. Quality Hill's beautiful tree-lined streets were in the midst of shedding their golden leaves, making for a stunning stroll down 11th and Washington. And as we approached The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the sun shining down and reflecting off this gold-topped church was a Saturday morning sight to see.

Elevated Dinner: Voltaire + Lucky Boys

Located in the heart of the historic Stockyards District, Voltaire gives us all the East Coast vibes in this medium Midwest city. Dark, delicious, vintage, and off the beaten path, Voltaire's cocktail collection comes with witty names, like "It's Bad Luck to Kill a Seabird," otherwise known as an absinthe cocktail that will loosen you right up. Our Sonoran-style Carne Asada was out of this world, and the Heirloom Tomato with Melon was outstandingly fresh. Globally inspired dishes are masterfully done.

From dinner to dive, Lucky Boys next door was the perfect backdrop to our exquisite dining experience. Grabbed a Jack and Coke, Miller High Life, and hit the pool table amongst this graffiti-clad and Western styled bar; our kinda place to chill and chat it up with the bartenders.

Brunch: Clay & Fire + Westside Neighborhood

Turkish and "Near Eastern" inspired, this Westside locale took us immediately out of the US and right into the Mediterranean; no flight needed. With a gorgeous and elevated, foliage-lined patio amongst this once former neighborhood home, Clay & Fire is the only of its kind. Grab a Turkish coffee followed by Radish Soup, Classic Turkish Menemen and more; the freshest and healthiest ingredients are sourced and prepared within these mouth-watering and unique dishes.

The Westside is irresistible, with its neighborhood charm, historic and new homes alike, its array of coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques.

It's a hillside adventure into a world of its own. From global cuisines to locally made goods, spend a day exploring, walking, and absorbing the eastern views of the city. Shop at Westside Storey or MADI Apparel, and grab carryout from a multitude of food establishments to create a culinary experience of your own back at the Airbnb.

NFL Game Day: KC Live! Block + Chiefs

Chiefs Kingdom unites in Power & Light's most exhilarating entertainment district! Dine and drink in the open air as you watch any one of our local teams on the city's largest LED screen. With an outdoor "Living Room" to seemingly endless food options, KCP&L has everything from tacos and burgers to Bloody Marys and beers, plus the sounds of the DJ and fandom all around.

It's a picture-perfect setting within the heart of downtown KC, and a venue that is arguably one of the best in the country for rallying around your team. For Premium Seating, KC Live! Block offers the Game Day Experience for fans looking to safely and comfortably enjoy their experience away from their own living room. Reserve a group table ahead of time complete with drink and food packages and sit back and relax as you cheer the Chiefs (or others!) on!

Last but not least: Have. A. BLAST.

We all know life is short; TAKE ADVANTAGE of the culture right outside your doorstep by exploring Kansas City's rich history, diversity, arts, food, and people. Get to know each and every small business owner who puts their passion onto your plate and expands our cultural horizons and insights. Grow your heart, mind and soul, and know you are supporting our local economy while doing so.

Kansas City, we adore you and all that comes with it!

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