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Violinist, Songwriter and Dancer Lindsey Stirling Brings Album ‘Artemis’ to the World

Lindsey Stirling is a violinist who has shaken up music and performance with her unrivaled combination of playing violin while dancing. Equal parts fascinating and awe-inspiring, her style intersects at classical, hip-hop, and rock ‘n’ roll. Stirling’s latest album, Artemis, is yet another exquisite collection of songs that any generation of listener will love, and performance artist fans will cheer.  

As with most things Stirling does, she added a fun twist to her latest work.

“This was my fifth studio album and I wanted to make it feel fresh and different,” Stirling says. “So, I wrote a comic book to be the partner piece to the album. It was really fun to make an album the was inspired by a fantastical world, a mythical story, and characters that I have grown to love.”

Stirling grew up in Gilbert in a modest home with parents Stephen and Diane Stirling and two sisters. Money was tough, but her parents found a teacher to give Stirling “half” violin lessons. Although her instructors weren’t optimistic that a then 5-year-old Stirling would master the violin with such truncated lessons, Stirling steadily grew in her musical talent and love of dance. She attended Greenfield Jr. High and then Mesquite High School.

She went on to win the title of Arizona’s Junior Miss, and was a quarterfinalist on the fifth season of America’s Got Talent. Although Stirling already had a popular YouTube channel before the TV talent show, it gave her millions of new fans and catapulted her to superstardom in 2010.

Watching Stirling perform is a mystifying experience as there are few musicians in the world who perform the way she does. Reality television put many new eyes on her talent, but Stirling’s outstanding mastery of violin, coupled with dance and exciting costuming, set the gold standard on its own.

StirIing explains, “I use Yamaha electric violins and I’ve had them bedazzled, so they are super sparkly. And I have a Roth acoustic violin that is 100 years old. It’s my favorite.”

Her dancing is as mesmerizing as her music.

Stirling explains, “I always have creative visions for choreography… Like the style of dance, I imagine and what the story is behind the movement, but I definitely work with choreographers to help bring it to life.”

She calls herself fortunate to work with talented choreographers Ashley Gonzales, Kyle Hanagami, and Jillian Meyers.

Stirling threw herself into many endeavors during 2020.

“I’m so lucky that I’ve been able to stay busy,” says Stirling, who currently resides in Los Angeles. “I finished writing my comic book; started a podcast; started the charity The Upside Fund in which I can give back to fans; and I worked for months planning, rehearsing, and editing a holiday special. I’ve also enjoyed spending more time with my family.”

Drawing on her combination of musical and performance skills, Stirling is now a role model for young performers who are discovering their own talents.

“I hope that I could help anyone find their voice regardless of if they want to tap dance, or spin batons,” she says. “I’ve definitely done something very unique and found my voice through it, and I want people to know they can write their story in their own way.”

Stirling has found her performance voice, and that voice continues to expand via her podcast, String Sessions with Lindsey Stirling.

“I am doing it in little series,” she explains. “The first series was really fun. I loved getting to know different artists and getting to be the one learning from the conversation, rather than being the one talking through the whole interview.”

Projecting out a few years, she hopes to continue doing what she loves and would like to work on a film score with a composer.

“I’d feel so lucky if I was still doing what I do right now… Making videos and touring,” finishes Stirling. “But I’d also love to be starting a family of my own.”

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