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Eric Horstmeyer and his dyamic agents.

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Eric Horstmeyer

The Reward of Helping Others

As a divisional sales leader for USHEALTH Advisors, Eric Horstmeyer currently heads a team of insurance agents to fulfill the needs of his Miami Beach office. Eric and his team are readily available to help by answering your questions, explaining the intricacies of the health insurance options available in the market, and finding the product best suited to each customer’s requirements. Eric answers some questions about USHEALTH Advisors and his operation as an introduction to his services.

What led you to become an insurance agent?

I found this career by accident. Previously, I was a restaurant owner for 14 years: Co-CEO of one of the largest hospitality groups in the Caribbean and operator/investor in 11 different locations in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. In 2017, two category-5 hurricanes: Irma and Maria, hit St. Thomas; they wiped us off the map within two weeks. A friend asked me to join him at a meeting where the USHA pitched an opportunity. Looking to reinvent myself, I signed up immediately to get licensed and never looked back.

What made you decide to join USHEALTH Advisors? 

I joined USHEALTH Advisors not only because they were the “disrupters” of the health insurance industry, which meant an economic opportunity. But I was more impressed that this is a company with a heart, practicing its mission statement of “H.O.P.E.—Helping Other People Everyday.”  That was most attractive.

How many agents work with you?

We’ve grown dramatically since opening on Miami Beach in October. I currently have 52 contracted active agents with 13 more in the licensing. My Leadership team is incredible; they are the best in the business; they know how to care for the customer.

What types of products do you offer?

We focus on selling health coverage and various ancillary products in 30 states. We work nationwide primarily with families, individuals, and small businesses (typically under 20 employees). Focusing on this niche market allows us to provide concierge service, advising people on all their options. After the sale, we provide top-shelf customer service, assisting clients with questions, claims, reimbursements, and billing issues. Relationships are everything in this business. By building a relationship, you gain a client forever.

What should people look for in insurance coverage?

The most crucial aspect of any health plan is unlimited lifetime benefits. A lot of limited benefit plans cap out at $1 million. That may sound sufficient, but it won’t cover a catastrophic claim. Second, make sure the deductible is affordable to the client; they must pay it before having surgery or being hospitalized.

How can you and your team most effectively help people seeking health insurance?

I believe “Visibility leads to Credibility, which drives Profitability.” As part of our HOPE mission, we do a quarterly charitable project where all agents participate. My agents are involved in the Miami community, building relationships, letting people know about our work, and guiding them through the complicated maze of the health insurance market.

How different is the Miami -Dade market from others in Florida?

This market is perfectly aligned with our work. We solve the problem of many self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Miami-Dade market who don’t have access to an employer plan or cannot afford a large group health insurance plan. 

When are you busiest during the year?

Our prime season runs from November 1 to the end of the year. That coincides with the Obamacare Open Enrollment period. Millions of individuals and small businesses start shopping for a new (and usually more affordable) plan, so our phones ring off the hook during those two months. But we are super busy year-round with several top-notch products that help people outside the Open Enrollment period. 

Tell us the three most important lessons you have learned in the business?

First, I’ve learned that you cannot accomplish a big goal alone: you need a team, one that is like-minded, with similar values. Second, a 40-hour-a-week mindset is not conducive to success in a sales business. We work 55-70 hours a week because we love what we do, and that’s what it takes. Lastly, the most important thing I’ve learned is that income is the outcome of helping people. Solve their problem, show that you care, and you will be super successful.

What is the most rewarding aspect of HOPE? 

Watching agents’ lives transform as they level up professionally and financially is most rewarding. This company saved my life, and I’ve seen it do the same for countless others. The next best thing is saving clients the money they need while getting them a comprehensive health plan that meets their requirements: it’s a win/win for everyone.

1000 5th Street, Suite 303
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 570-8411 mobile

  • Eric Horstmeyer and his dyamic agents.
  • Eric Horstmeyer leads a team of experience agents.
  • The Horstmeyer Team enjoying Miami Beach.