Exercise Your Way Into 2023

Spotlight on 2 Local Gyms to Help You Jump Start Your New Year

Feeling a little uninspired to get your body moving? We teamed up with Evolve 33 and BK Society to talk a little bit about the services they offer that can help you feel your best this year and hopefully inspire you to get a new routine in motion!

Evolve-33 is a private training studio where working with clients on their mental and emotional health is just as important as working on their physical health. The motivation behind its vision was to offer a business where mind, body and spirit is the focal point in helping one to develop and evolve into the best version of themselves. Offering an inclusive environment while working with clients of all ages, physical capabilities and varying limitations is what makes Evolve-33 so unique from the rest. Evolve-33 has a dedicated staff of nationally certified personal trainers, nutrition experts and life coaches that focus on each client's individual needs to help them achieve their internal and external goals. Whether you are an adult looking to get in the best shape of your life, or trying to develop a powerful mindset - or have a child looking to build confidence, learn good health habits, or develop discipline; the trainers and coaches at Evolve-33 can help. Sessions are offered as 1 on 1 or small group options with flexible scheduling to accommodate morning workouts, busy work schedules, or after-school activities.

BK Society Fitness is the new kid on the block. Their functional training builds speed, agility and improves cardiovascular health. The best way to describe functional training is to think about the tasks we do every day and focus on our body movement. Carrying groceries, picking up our children, moving furniture, even something simple like getting up from a chair, our body is moving throughout the day. Functional training focuses on movement that replicates our everyday life making each day easier the stronger we become. The classes and personal training programs are designed and formed with functional training as the foundation at BK Society Fitness. We believe that no matter your fitness level, if you have a body, you have an inner athlete– and BK Society is committed to helping you unleash yours. Going to the gym, even in a class setting can be intimidating, stressful and uncomfortable. When you are immersed in a community it becomes a part of who you are and your everyday life. You value and cherish it and those within it & that’s what BK Society is all about - a fitness community.
Founder & Head Coach Eric Martinez alongside Owner, Stella Ganolli make it
their main priority to make sure every single person who walks into the facility feels
like they’re a part of a team and far from an outcast.

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