Eye Care 4 Kids Nevada

Giving the Gift of Sight

Eyes are the windows to the soul, a classic idiom that is passed on from a time long forgotten. Beyond being a spiritual porthole, your eyes, are incredibly important. They are a cornerstone to, almost everything we do. They should be taken care of and taken into account when living your life. Unfortunately, eye problems affect many different demographics, hitting kids the hardest, a staggering 35%, or 26 million children in the US alone need some sort of eye correction. This is a crucial point in everybody's life; schools are meant for kids to learn, not to struggle just to see and read. And while it may be simple for some lucky families who can afford their kids optometrists and glasses, many families are not so fortunate. 

One charity is putting an end to this epidemic one pair of glasses at a time; Eye Care 4 Kids was founded in 2001 by Joseph Carbone, ABOC, NCLEC, FNAO. With the vision of providing every low-income child access to professional eye care, whether they can afford it or not. Eye Care 4 Kids provides professional eyecare, at no charge, to low-income K-12 qualified students attending school in the Clark County School District. Joseph says, "I believe that everyone has the responsibility to take what they have learned in their careers, or from their hobbies, and bless the lives in their communities. Poor vision is a stumbling block. If you cannot see, you cannot read. And if you cannot read, you will not learn," Eye Care 4 Kids has dedicated themselves to providing every child, with the ability to see their future. 

Generous individuals, companies, and organizations, like the Leadership Henderson Class 2020 make this vision a reality. Who through their philanthropic work, hopes to give back to the community.

Leadership Henderson is an exciting organization under the Henderson Chamber of Commerce Foundation. This program accepts only the highest achieving individuals into its eight-month course. A devotion to educating and empowering civic-minded professionals is what Leadership is all about. And it is this devotion that drives the 2020 Leadership class to help these kids see 20/20. 

The 2020 Leadership class is committed to building and maintaining a strong network of effective community leaders, that will last far beyond just eight months. You too are part of that community, and you can donate to Eye Care 4 Kids by going to A cause like this is worth every penny, and if you have any questions about this cause, or how to donate, our publisher Nick Lodhi, member of the 2020 Leadership class offers to help with any inquiries, at 702-900-2773, or email Donate today to help children see 20/20, in 2020. 

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