The Influence of a Beautiful Mom


Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

Photography by Mindy Hargesheimer

Dear Mom,

To say you’ve been an influence in my life is an understatement, and nothing has shown me that more profoundly than during my own chapter of becoming, and growing, as a mom. 

From the moment Liv was ready to make her entrance into the world in Chicago, you were in town, at the hospital, by my side to comfort me through one of the most unknown and intense experiences of my life. You gave me confidence, you transferred your innate Nancy-disposition of cool and calm, and you blew me away with your undying love and affection for our newest, amazing family addition for forever that day and every day moving forward.

One of the greatest things I have learned from watching you is the power of affection and sweet statements of affirmation. If I could only deliver the level of those that you so authentically do, I’d be a better human, however the growth I have experienced as a woman, wife, and mom in those areas is a major reflection of what I gained from being constantly in your presence and absorbing your strengths. And for that, I hope Liv & Elin are on the receiving end of feeling like I am the best mom, mentor, and friend they could have wished for in life.

As the years have gone by and as I have (thankfully!) grown up, I cherish our times together as we walk the line talking about topics, we never would have years earlier as we share our love for wine time! It gives me such laughs, such joy, and such learning lessons as life continues to surprise, challenge, and throw so many amazing opportunities at us.

Thank you for leading by example how to be a peacemaker, a positive vibe, a laid-back soul, a hugger, a nurturer, a communicator, a friend, and a magnificent mom.

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