Family First

Words of Gratitude for Parents, Grandparents, and Siblings from Four of the Community's Young Voices

Charles Dickens was ahead of his time when he urged everyone to, “Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many—not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” As a teacher at St. Stephen Catholic School, I know I am so thankful to work with amazing students like the four 6th graders featured here. As you read what they’ve written, may their positivity, creativity, and warmth brighten your day, as well.

  • Addison Carlson

"This time of year always reminds me of how thankful I am to have my family. First, I am thankful for my dad, because he taught me how important it is to try my hardest and never give up. I am equally thankful for my mom, who has taught me the values of having courage and being kind. Thirdly, I am thankful for my dog, Denali, because he has taught me to be responsible. I am always going to be grateful for them, because they have taught me so many valuable lessons in life!"

  • Mia Sandoval

"I’m especially thankful for my grandparents. My parents are the ones who have to set rules down, but grandparents don’t make you follow some rules like not eating candy or watching TV. They show up to your basketball or softball games, even if it’s cold or raining. A lot of kids don’t have grandparents but if you do, spend as much time with them as you can, even if it means going on a walk with them, reading a newspaper, or watching a movie from their times. Do these things because you never know how fast you can lose them. Be very thankful if you have grandparents."

  • Emory Walter

Are you the only girl with two brothers? Well, I am. My brothers and I argue a lot, but sometimes we have special moments when we are best friends, and I make the most of them. When we are together, I feel like the luckiest girl on earth. We all trust each other, pick on each other, embarrass each other, but best of all, we are all best friends for life. I am super grateful to have those amazing boys in my life. I hope to never lose those awesome, funny, sometimes annoying brothers.

  • Gianna Zambrano

My family is not like other families. My parents are always pushing me to do my best. We run into problems sometimes, but we are usually always having a good time together. My sister is so funny. She is a senior in high school, and going to leave for college soon. I am so sad because I won’t get to laugh every day. But, we are adopting a little girl, and I am excited that she is going to have a wonderful family. I love my family so much. You should love yours as much, too.

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