Father's Day Gift Guide

Local Picks for Dad!

1.) Cigar Gift Set from a Local Smoke & Gift Shop. Head over to a Staten Island Smoke & Gift Shop and browse their collection of cigars and cigar accessories. They offer a wide range of cigars from all over the world, as well as cigar cutters, lighters, and ashtrays.

2.) Craft Beer from Flagship Brewing Co. This local brewery offers a variety of beers, from hoppy IPA's to rich stouts and everything in between. Create a custom six-pack of different flavors for him to try.

3.) Grilling Accessories from Williams & Sonoma. They offer a wide range of grilling accessories, from spatulas and tongs to smoker boxes and grill covers. You can even find grilling cookbooks and spices to help him take his grilling game to the next level.

4.) Men's Grooming Products from TrueGents Barbershop. Put together a custom grooming kit for your dad with some beard oil, shaving cream and aftershave balm.

5.) Sports Gear from Empire Heat Sports Cards & Memorabilia. Here you can find vintage sports cards, collectibles and autographed memorabilia.

6.) Apple Watch from the Apple Store. Add a personal touch to this gift by customizing it with Dad's initials or a special message.

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