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The Movers & Shakers Playlist

February is always my least favorite month. It’s my birth month and every year i get overwhelmed by the expectation to make some sort of drastic change just because it's another year and I’m expected to celebrate. I don’t exactly have the most cheery disposition, so the obligation to be happy and have a swinging birthday isn’t exactly my cup of tea. BUT though I’m not too keen on the month, I always try to fill the void and silence with tunes that turn the tide. 

The following is a playlist for those of us who need a little extra pep in our step. From ABBA to The Joubert Singers, these songs are fun and make you wanna move and shake it. Scan the QR code at the bottom to be taken directly to the Spotify playlist and enjoy!

1.  “If It Wasn’t For The Nights” - ABBA

2.  “Ewolo” - Pierre Kwenders & Clement Bazin

3.  “You’re Looking At My Guy” - The Radio Dept.

4.  “La Lune & Le Soleil” - Bonnie Banane

5.  “Real Bad Lookin’” - Alex Cameron

6.  “Good Day Bad Day” - Elohim

7.  “Float On” - Modest Mouse

8.  “Oh! You Pretty Thing” - David Bowie

9.  “Hell N Back” - Baker

10.  “Cotton Candy Lemonade” - Blu DeTiger

11.  “Carsmile Smith & The Old One” - T. Rex

12.  “Stand on the Word (1982 Version)” - The Joubert Singers