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Gentle, Unique Chiropractic Care Office Welcomes Both People And Animals

Hazel, a rescued-turned-gregarious-emotional-support pup, greets clients at Thrive Chiropractic in Lambertville, and remains part of the holistic healing process at the clinic. Founder and owner, Dr. Jacqueline "Jackie" Manfre, says Hazel relishes going to the office every day to help people smile and restore their health and vitality.

Dr. Jackie specializes in gentle chiropractic care for families, athletes and animals, through an approach called Bio-Geometric Integration, which embodies the principle that living beings' thoughts, emotions, fascia, ligaments, blood chemistry, nerves, bones and lifestyle habits are all connected.

Among the 300-plus varieties of chiropractic adjustment techniques, the 'tonal' type that Dr. Jackie practices involves treating bodies as dynamic, ever-changing organisms. "When you get adjusted, all body elements shift and transform. The adjustment is more than just moving bones or restoring the brain and body connection to facilitate your healing process. It’s an evolutionary process that begins in your cells," Dr. Jackie explains. 

She says the body, as a self-healing nervous system, is meant to process and constantly integrate experiences. Sometimes, however, the body instead physiologically stores experiences in ways that don't allow it to update itself and stay completely in the present. She likens it to interactive computer functions, such as the device's save function and helpful periodic reboots. Her type of chiropractic techniques, she explains, involves understanding how each body has stored life's imprints so she can "open up the layers" and allow spines to help bodies to update as they were meant to operate and connect with other body organs. 

"When a doctor is able to identify where blocks in your internal communication network are, like the nervous system, it doesn’t take force to get them to unblock. Rather, it's a keen awareness of helping your brain and body realize the block is there, and then your body gets to work on clearing it. This means your body learns, grows and evolves, and doesn’t become dependent on a practitioner to do the work, so you get stronger," she adds.

Dr. Jackie graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia, with a bachelor's degree in biology and a doctorate's degree in chiropractic. Her postdoctoral studies include B.G.I. Academy of Mastery, Webster Technique Certification, Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractic Care, Extremity Adjusting for Athletes, and Chiropractic Care for Animals.

Through regular chiropractic adjustments, she says athletes can recover from injuries, stay healthy and prevent future injuries. She says she's happy to collaborate with trainers for those recovering from injuries or looking to progress over time in their athletic careers. She provides customized adjustments and sport-specific exercises, catering to athletes in soccer, football, hockey, baseball, softball, gymnastics, swimming, golf, rowing and equine events.

Dr. Jackie also assists with recovery care due to concussions, and works with health care teams, such as mental health providers and oncologists.

Children's spines are an important part of their body, she reminds, starting with any birth process being large stresses to babies' brains and spines. "Children fall 2,500 times before the age of 5, and compiled with food and environment, that’s a lot of stress their body endures before they’ve fully grown," reveals Dr. Jackie. "Chiropractic is a healthy and simple way to keep their spine and nervous system growing healthy without getting bogged down in daily wear and tear."

Additionally, Dr. Jackie says she aids pregnant mothers in moving comfortably throughout pregnancy and in preparing for deliveries.

Some of Dr. Jackie's prized results occur in animals, particularly working or agility dogs, competitive horses and cats. "It takes finesse to assist with animal modality. They respond beautifully to chiropractic care, and I work in tandem with veterinarians," she adds. 

Her location at #1 Route 165, Suite 104, is designed to intentionally provide a soothing ambiance. She typically hosts a complimentary, once-monthly informational and hands-on demostration; email info@thriveinlambertville.com to sign up. 

New for 2023 are Deep Healing Weekends, Dr. Jackie enthusiastically announces. "I find most people have an upcharge of energy during the start of each year, and that it's reassuring to be in a homeostatic environment to calm down the nervous system and witness the body's job of healing," she says. "It's really important to have the spine and nervous system in a healthy place."

With the right type of individualized, comprehensive approach to chiropractic support, Dr. Jackie assures that most people discover the "new us" associated with New Year's resolutions may indeed emerge from "the real us freed from under the layers." 


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