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How Steve Pirt is Bringing Class and Style to the Fitness Industry

FlexWerk Fitness is not your ordinary gym. Boasting private, premium, and personalized spaces for elevated workouts, the sleek, high-tech facility is a fitness professional’s dream come true. Carmel City Lifestyle talked with founder Steve Pirt about what makes the facility so revolutionary compared to the typical gym.

Unlike a warehouse gym, you’ve made FlexWerk Fitness private, premium, and personalized. What makes it “private” and “premium”?  

Each booking is handled by a friction-free ecosystem proprietary to us, and nobody gains access to the lobby or FlexSpaces without enrollment in our FlexWerk app. We secure your privacy and data inside the FlexSpaces with a private VPN server. Inside the spaces, everything from the Ecore flooring and beyond is handcrafted for serious and intense workouts. Every piece of equipment is customized and manufactured in Italy, all with an environmentally friendly approach and expert craftsmanship. You can come in and do exercises that you couldn’t even think about doing at a normal gym because of all of the personalization options. 

What about personalization? How can your guests style the space for their workouts?

We have three "FlexSpace" tiers: Plus, Standard, and Connect. All of them are customizable, but Plus and Standard have technology walls that allow you to cast from your phone with a commercial-grade sound system. Play your own music, put on a YouTube workout, view your personalized workout of the day from our FlexWerk Pro app up on the screen, or film your own content – which is something we encourage. If you've ever wanted to become a fitness influencer, FlexWerk's amenities will help you get there. You can program the color of the light tiles, which modulate noise and have presets for both audio and video. And it can all be done in seconds. 

What tools does FWF provide for fitness professionals to style bespoke workouts for their clients?

Our equipment gives fitness professionals nearly unlimited possibilities for in-person training: nearly 1000 kilos of weights and multiple racks that can support any type of workout. They can also record their own content in our spaces, then send their clients to FlexWerk to follow those pre-recorded workouts on the same equipment. FlexWerk provides unique opportunities for trainers, clients, and our guests. For example, we had a group class recently where the trainer filmed his workout live and broadcasted it in each FlexSpace. 

What inspired you to create a unique facility like this?

I became a certified personal trainer in 2000. Since then, I climbed the corporate ladder in the fitness industry, observing the need for this type of solution nationwide. Along the way, I’ve been creating teams, removing inefficiencies, and working on building simple processes that give fitness professionals opportunities to succeed. 80% of fitness professionals need a second career. I thought if I could build a model that provided private space, tools to win, and the right equipment, it could empower millions in the fitness industry to become their own boss, earn great money, and have long-lasting, rewarding careers doing what they love.

What’s your hope for your guests and for the fitness industry as a whole?

My general hope is that we get more people involved in fitness globally. As for our guests, our mission is to provide the private, premium, personalized spaces to have great fitness experiences and live healthier, productive lives.

"Every material, design, and piece of equipment was relentlessly reverse-engineered from one question: How do I provide fitness professionals the space, equipment, and technology they need to succeed?"

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