Brown's Top Shelf Meats Serves Up Perfection

Few things are more satisfying than savoring the incredible taste of a perfectly cooked meal, and as experienced chefs and foodies well know, the best-tasting culinary creations begin with high-quality ingredients. Thanks to Mike Brown, founder and owner of Brown’s Top Shelf Meats, locals can now find the most premium meats and seafoods from around the world right in Westlake Village.

“I started Brown’s Top Shelf Meats with one goal: to provide my customers with the best meat on the planet,” says Mike, who turned his passion for barbecuing top-quality meats into a full-blown business that recently celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in July.

Think Japanese Wagyu, Australian Wagyu, Pacific Bluefin, Bahamian Lobster, Spanish Iberico and New Zealand Elk—customers can find all of these and more at Brown’s Top Shelf Meats. The full-service butcher shop delivers only the best, high-quality foods, processed and packaged on-site for fresh, great-tasting products.

Mike took a quick break from his 18-hour days as a small business owner to share more about Brown’s Top Shelf Meats.

Q. How did you get started in the business?

A. About 6 years ago, my “side hustle” from my full-time job as a Department of Defense contractor was barbecuing and smoking meats like ribs and briskets and catering for friends and family. I’m a big believer in quality and when I started hearing about different quality meats, I envisioned barbecuing with better meats. I connected with a source for high-quality meats in Seattle and started a private Facebook group to share and sell the meat online with friends. The group grew from half a dozen friends to more than 4,000 people in a few years! We opened our retail location last October, located at 2260 Townsgate Road #1 in Westlake Village.

Q. What do you enjoy most about the business?

A. What I enjoy most about my business is when I have customers come back in, after trying something new, and explaining to me how that was the best steak, or the best piece of seafood, or the best pork chop they have ever had—that is what motivates me! It truly makes me happy! That’s what’s behind all of this—me wanting to share with family and friends; that’s where I get my true enjoyment in life.

Q. How do your products stand apart from others?

A. We sell ultra-premium meat, fish and seafood from around the world and for the best value—it’s a different quality and a much better product than what you find in most stores. For example, in Australia, they don’t use the word organic, because they don’t have to—everything is natural. I source meats from amazing farms that love the animals. You can really taste the difference!

Q. Can you share how Australian Wagyu beef, for example, differs from other types?

A. Wagyu cattle raised in the lush grazing regions of Southern Australia are antibiotic- and hormone growth-promotant free. Wagyu beef is well known for its exceptional flavor and fine marbling texture. The superior marbling trait typically creates a more tender, juicy and flavorful meat experience.

Q. Do you have any reader specials?

A. I would like to offer the readers of Conejo Valley Lifestyle 15% off their first purchase! Just simply come into the shop during the month of September and mention you saw this article.

Q. Anything else you’d like to share with us?

A. This truly is an American dream! I’m a true believer and that’s what’s so great about this country—if you’re an honest, hard worker with a good product, you can succeed!

Visit Brown's Top Shelf Meats at 2260 Townsgate Road #1 in Westlake Village or online at TopShelfMeats.com.

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