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So many veggie burgers are packed full of starches and are way higher in caloric content than I actually want. If I'm replacing meat with a vegetarian option, I want to make sure I'm still getting good nutrition and am eating something that is helping my body, not hurting it.

While I'm a vegetarian primarily for the animals and environmental impact, there are also tons of health benefits to eating less meat—if you replace it with good things!

My favorite burger replacement is by Beyond Meat. The big draw to this product is that it has 20 grams of protein per patty and only 5 grams of carbohydrates. If you avoid eating veggie burgers on a bun because you feel like you're already overloading on carbs with the patty alone, Beyond Burger is for you!

(P.S. My personal reason to avoid too many carbs in one sitting is not for dieting; it's all about how it makes me feel! If I have a ton of carbs at once, my blood sugar can spike and then crash, leaving me lethargic after eating.)

Here's the rundown on where I purchased all of my ingredients, how to cook these pea protein patties and what I like to put on my burger.

Imperfect Foods Ingredients

I use Imperfect Foods to order my Beyond Burger patties. I also use it to get all of my produce essentials like fruits and veggies and pantry staples like olive oil. You can cook your Beyond Burger with whatever kind of oil or butter you prefer. I just choose olive oil because I always have it on hand.

More About Imperfect Foods

One of my awesome yoga teacher friends got me hooked on Imperfect Foods, and I'm so glad she did! I barely ever go to the grocery store now, unless I need something super specific (like the ingredients for these burgers!), but I usually just see what is available to order each week and plan my meals that way.

Imperfect Foods gets its produce from local farmers and is stuff that has been rejected by grocery stores for super silly reasons like the shape or size. Sometimes companies change their packaging and stores can't sell the old products, and other times the expiration date is just a little bit sooner than stores are comfortable with because they don't know if they will sell out of all of their other inventory in time. Either way, it's all perfectly good food that would go to waste! I love getting cheaper products and knowing I'm making a difference for local farmers and the environment.

If you want to check out Imperfect Foods and get $10 off your first box, use my link to sign up!

Aldi Ingredients

This is where you get to be creative and pick the flavors you prefer in a burger. But, if you want to try something new, here is one of my favorite topping combinations. I love this smoked gouda from Aldi, so if you use anything from this list, try the sliced cheese!

I didn't have a lot of veggies in my fridge when I made these burgers, but if you want to add lettuce, tomatoes avocados or onions, I think they would go really well with these flavors too.


The package says to let the patties thaw in the fridge if you had them frozen, but I just took them straight out of the freezer and cooked them without any problems! I used a silicone cover to hold in the heat for the first half of cooking to make sure it cooked all the way through, and it worked great!

  1. Cover a medium-sized skillet in cooking olive oil (or whatever you prefer to cook with).
  2. Turn the heat on your stove to medium and add the Beyond Burgers to the skillet.
  3. Cover until you hear quite a bit of sizzling and popping (1-2 minutes minutes).
  4. Lift the cover and flip the burgers. Cover again for about 1-2 minutes.
  5. Remove cover and continue to cook the burgers, flipping every once in a while to check for charring.
  6. Once the outside of the patties is a little bit charred and crispy, they are done. The insides may still look pink, but remember that it's not real meat, so it's just for the aesthetic. They are perfectly safe to eat!
  7. Scoop each patty onto a bun and add your toppings. Enjoy!

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