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Article by Linda Whittig

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And at Chandlers, we not only have a great selection but also wager they are some of the freshest oysters in Boise.

Watch our Google web story, including a shucking lesson with sous chef Manny, here!

Oysters + Merroir

You’ve probably heard the term “terroir” used in explaining how a wine’s flavor is influenced by the environment in which they are grown. The soil. The climate. The terrain. The expression of place.

Oysters are no different. Much like wine, oysters adopt flavors from where they are grown. The temperature of the sea. The currents. The salinity of the water. This is known as “merroir”.

Where Do Our Oysters Come From?

We love oysters from the Pacific Northwest. We’re especially thrilled to work with two Washington state farmers, Hamma Hamma and Taylor Shellfish Farms, known for their quality oysters!


  • Kumamoto – a sweet oyster that is on the small size. A perfect choice for new oyster eaters.
  • Summer blue – a small oyster that is a cross between a blue pool and a summerstone known for being briny and sweet.
  • Summerstone – larger than summer blue but with the same characteristics.
  • Shikogo – medium-sized oyster with a strong brininess, sweet finish, and firm, plump texture.
  • Fat bastard – the largest of our oyster offerings, the fat bastard is the big brother to the shikogo. It’s about twice the size but with the same characteristics.

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Find your JOYster

And don’t forget – all oysters don’t have to be eaten raw! Make sure to try our classic Oysters Rockefeller with sautéed spinach, shallots, red bell peppers, Pernod, and citrus hollandaise.

Grab a reservation, and let us put some JOYster in your life!

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