Reboot Your Health with a Juice Cleanse


Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

Photography by Mindy Hargesheimer

"Why Juice?" What an unanticipated and alarming question; sounds awful, impossible, and terrifying, am I right? 100% SUCH A GREAT question that warrants some serious thought!!

Are YOU eating 7-10 fruits and veggies a day?! Talk about impossible ... "Juicing is a great way to receive and retain the vitamins and nutrients we need from our fruits and veggies. It helps with consuming veggies in an efficient manner and also adds a wider variety of veggies to your diet, says Owner and all-around Health Hero, Chris Goode behind Kansas City-based Ruby Jean's Juicery. Talk about a wellness-inducing small business you can rally behind and support; this Smoothie & Juice Bar empowered me to push the Quarantine 2020 reset button, allowing me to find my strength in will power and health. Read more about the Juice Cleanse effects you never knew you needed!

1. Mental Clarity

What a concept! Mental clarity can be SO HARD for me, and I have no doubt, so many others, to attain. Our worlds are full of noise; physical, mental, emotional. We are overwhelmed, we are in a fog, we are suffering from an overabundance of intel that makes ANYTHING hard to think straight about. Unhealthy factors, such as alcohol, stress from work, global pandemics, lack of sleep, and MUCH, much more create a blurred mind. Detox your MIND by rebooting it with organic, nature-made nutrients via a juice cleanse. You'll be surprised and delighted by the mental clarity you achieve!

2. Decreased Bloating

I'm no certified nutritionist or physician, but we ALL are well AWARE of that annoying and confidence-prohibiting physical bloating that is a result of the unnatural and over the limit digestive intake. WHY? Because our clothes DON'T FIT the same and we don't have an endless clothing budget to supplement bloat-worthy clothes. Wine, take out, salt, irregularity, dairy, sugar, and more tee up the WEIGHT GAIN and bloating, and a physical RESET is a wonderful TIME-OUT for your body. Juice your body with fruits and veggies and watch that puffiness decrease overnight!

3. Better Skin

HATE Water? LOVE Cheese? Need your SUGAR FIX? Quickest path to food is the DRIVE THROUGH? Meet your #Adulting enemies. Push the START OVER button. Eliminate the processed toxins and gulp the H20 and watch your skin clear up and glow seemingly over night. The older I get, the more I come to the very FRUSTRATING realization how much dairy, wine, oil, sweets, and more immediately make my skin BREAK OUT. Puberty? More like Midlife-erty. Add this to your #NewNormal list of adaptations and get used to 'Go Back to Start' and break the cycle with a cleanse!

4. Breaking Addiction

If you're honest with yourself, are you addicted to food or alcohol? Let's own it together and make IMPROVEMENTS. Food is SO DELICIOUS. Wine is SO RELAXING. And, it's also full of very BAD, bad ingredients. I'll never entirely give up bad foods, and I will never give up wine! But I will most definitely keep myself in check by BREAKING THE CYCLE and giving my mind, body, and soul the health dose it DESERVES. And, juice cleansing teaches me that I don't need wine every day, and that I don't need unhealthy foods to feel full or totally gratified. Show yourself how STRONG you inherently are!


5. Improved Sleep

Uninterrupted sleep. I'm sorry, what is that? Parenthood. Health. Finances. Toxins. We can keep going. It... all of IT... can WAKE US UP AT NIGHT, particularly alcohol and heavy foods. What you eat AFFECTS how you SLEEP; plain and simple. High fat, caffeine, nightcaps, spice, and such; say BYE, BYE, BYE and see you earlier in the day (or never)! Miss your youthful, easy sleep? Try a juice detox; cleanse your mind and expect peaceful sleep!

6. Weight Loss

A juice cleanse is merely a quick fix to weight loss. Overnight you will lose a few pounds of water weight. It's EXCITING, and validating, and it's also temporary. BUT it can also be the motivating JUMPSTART you need or want to migrate into a healthy and really delicious eating lifestyle. Yes, you can HUGELY LOSE those unwanted pounds. Get healthy all while seriously enjoying the nutritional ride. Go Bold or Go Home; jump off with a superfood start; all in liquid form!

7. Sense of Accomplishment

This. Is. Everything!! The feeling of productivity, skill, effort, and achievement is elevating, reassuring, and sincerely transforming. Do yourself a favor and accomplish something 100% AWESOME. You started it. You committed to it. You finished it. You crossed the finish line of a very difficult, very challenging endeavor. Put yourself on a mental and emotional high from pure fruits and veggies. And you know what? Go ahead and add that to your BUCKET LIST so you can speak to the experience of it all. You'll be so proud of your Juice Cleanse story!

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