5 Tips for Choosing Art for Your Home

Art Consultant Suzanne Barber Shares Her Advice

My favorite thing about being an art consultant is visiting my clients' homes and getting a real feel for what best suits them. I usually immediately envision different works of art in the spaces they show me. Then I come back with a few options for them to choose from, and viola—a home show is born, and it becomes a beautiful, celebratory and memorable experience! The sense of satisfaction when a new work of art is positioned perfectly is extremely rewarding for me, my artists and my clients.

In choosing art, I have the following simple tips for my most frequently asked questions.

Love It

Do you love it? Does it speak to you? Then get it!

Choosing or agreeing on artwork can be challenging. Artwork is a reflection of the homeowners' personality. How does it make you feel? Does it make you feel happy, elated or calm? Would you like to feel that way every time you look at it? If so, then it’s your art. I have clients who toil and research for months over which art to choose, while others walk in the door and say, “I love that and I have to have it.” Both ways work!

Design It

Should the art match my couch, or should my couch match my art? Neither!

When a potential client says, "My designer will not let me get that piece," I laugh and say, “Get it anyway.” I actually enjoy working with designers because they know exactly what they want. Again, it goes back to what is the goal or feeling for the room. Nothing freshens up the energy in a home more than new art.

Commission It

Can’t find the right size for the right place? Commissions are a great solution, and the price is usually comparable to existing pieces of the same size by the same artist. Many of our artists love painting commissions as they are a challenge for them. Start with an existing image and go from there with your art consultant.

Place It

How do you hang your new painting? Have the gallery deliver and professionally install your artwork for you. Hanging artwork at eye-level of the center of the painting is the norm but does not have to be. Some clients prefer one huge bold piece while others choose a collage of artwork. You have the creative freedom to place your artwork where it will be enjoyed the most. The family room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom are the most prevalent places that artwork is usually placed first. I enjoy moving paintings to different locations around the house to get the right fit.

Value It

How is art priced, and how can you determine the value of art? Allow your art consultant to inform and educate you on the artist. Ask if the artist has a large body of collectors and a reputation of being in high-demand and still highly collected, as well as a history of appreciation in value. Original artwork will have certificates of authenticity that can be used for insurance purposes and in determining ongoing value.

Artwork by Jenny Simon

Jenny has developed her own unique abstract painting technique using palette knives and her hands to apply multiple layers of oil paint creating a rich quality and texture. Inspired by nature, this self-taught artist uses radiant color to silently speak to the spirit.

Art consultant: Suzanne Barber, The Signature Gallery

Gallery director: Richard Sills

For more information, call 949.376.4244 or visit TheSignatureGallery.com.

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