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Painted Love

A quick Q&A with local artist Jenn Griffith

We chatted with local artist, Jenn Griffith, about her work, background, and inspiration. Jenn works to draw attention to water through her paintings and, in turn, attract conservation of our waterways. She selectively works with brands who align with this mission and have a shared sense of preservation.

Her tagline, "don't drink the water" is occasionally inquired upon, to which Jenn explains, "It's two-fold, a serious commentary on the world's water crisis, and our need for better-quality drinking water, whether in our own taps or around the globe, as well as the conservation of our oceanic ecosystems." In a more playful sense, it's also a tribute to 'don't drink the kool-aid,' to not believing everything you hear or see. Question things, be bold and brave, forge your own path!"

Q&A with Jenn Griffith

1. Can you share a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in Eastern Tennessee, and attended Furman University. I'd travel to Charleston with friends during those years, and that's when I first fell in love with the city!

2. How would you describe your artistic style?

I'd say my style is a modern and fun take on impressionism. It is colorful, sometimes representing daily forms or subjects in unique colors, like a pink wave or blue palm leaves. 

3. Did you go to school to study art? Do you think your work is more a product of your own innate creativity, or from your artistic studies? 

I did not formally study art during University, but I have continued my education with occasional courses at Sotheby's in NYC. My art career is definitely more a product of my creativity and business mindset. I love creating and then finding ways to establish my artwork in the homes and spaces of others.

4. What inspires you? 

There's no doubt Charleston inspires my work; I surf and love the ocean, so I am definitely influenced by the area and the feeling of peace I have here. 

5. When you're working, what is your environment like? Does your setting matter?

Yes! I need a clean studio and bright natural light to work best. I listen to podcasts a lot, and sometimes like to listen to audiobooks or things that can help me learn throughout the day. 

6. Where can we find your work? Do you have any future plans or exciting news we can share with our readers?

I have my work available in my online shop. I also sell locally at The Charleston Artist Collective. I have done murals throughout town, like Share House and Bodega downtown, and on Kiawah. I've done a custom surfboard for Lululemon and a big wave mural in Freshfields Village. 

7. Do you have any advice for people who might dream of becoming a successful working artist?

Just keep at it. Create, publish it, find inspiration, and don't let "rules" dictate what you think you should be doing!