Four Well-Crafted Spaces with Matt Osada

The Custom Builder Walks Us through Four of His Favorite Spaces

In 1988, Matt Osada, just a boy at the time, helped his dad complete a room in the basement of their family home. During this project, a passion for design was lit, and that spark led him to pursue his career as a civil and environmental engineer, first for commercial spaces, now for dream homes. With 20-plus years of experience under his tool belt, he has become one of the most known and trusted names in design around Asheville. In fact, he’s been named “Builder of the Year” and “Best in Show,” and he has received multiple Craftsmanship and Green Certification awards from Parade of Homes, a National Home Builders Association dedicated to showcasing excellence in the field.

When it comes to making the homebuilder’s vision a reality, Matt and his crew first take the future homeowner to the open lot so they can get an idea of where the house will stand. They then show them some similar homes in the desired style to get the wheels turning. Each client is encouraged to build a Pinterest board so the design can begin to come to life.

“We ask them to compile a wishlist of what’s important to them, and then we engage with architects until we’ve found the right match for the owner,” Matt says. 

Osada Construction orchestrates the meetings between owner and designer, and together, they walk through the process of building a custom home, down to the last detail. The Osada portfolio is extensive, and these four homes show off a wide range of that vision and skill put to the test.

Owings House

A 2018 Craftsmanship Award went to the Scandinavian-designed home built by Osada Construction and Retrofit Architecture for the Owings family. Upon first glance of the exterior, it’s apparent this house is one of a kind. The simple, modern siding paired with wooden doors and accents exudes a minimalist yet welcoming aura. Once inside, the exquisite detail work put into each room not only makes this home beautiful but also functional. The pegboard in the laundry room stands out as one of these details; it serves as the perfect storage space for a busy family’s belongings, and it’s backlit with LED lights for optimal use and a bit of flair. Once inside the kitchen, the large windows offer plenty of natural light, and the dining area meets the kitchen with seating space at both the island and the table, making it a welcoming space for entertaining family and friends. It’s worth noting that much of the wall space doubles as shelves for games, books, toys and wood logs, making it easy for this family to keep their home kid-friendly yet tidy. The feng shui flows effortlessly from room to room, pairing traditional and modern appliances for that bit of yin and yang that gives harmony to a home. With built-in shelves, oversized walk-in showers, a wood stove and simple light fixtures, this space demands praise and admiration.

Horton House

Looking for something more rustic and elegant? Look no further than this home built in 2017 with partner architects from C3. The exterior is more traditional with well-manicured landscapes, a stone foundation and large wooden doors. It sits on a large property, with a fenced-in yard, an array of trees offering shade in the warmer month, and a quaint pond that’s overlooked from the back porch. Once inside, one is engulfed with the welcoming spirit of the home. From the cozy living room to the entertainment room complete with a pool table and custom sound system, this space was made for joyful and relaxed evenings. Perhaps the most impressive room, however, is the kitchen. Forget a sandy island in the sun; this marble slab island will serve as the perfect space to create a getaway without ever leaving the house. The stainless steel stove top and double oven are sure to be the conduit for some delicious creations, and with a walk-in pantry and huge cabinets, there’s plenty of space for staples and new ingredients alike. This kitchen was clearly designed with a foodie in mind. Beyond the kitchen, the house boasts exposed wooden beams, custom light fixtures, large windows and a freestanding bathtub beside a walk-in double shower. Matt and his crew hit the target for this mountain home, creating the perfect mix of cozy, inviting and unique.

Anoff House

Tucked away on the side of a mountain sits a stunning home built for Robert and Karen Anoff upon Robert’s retirement and their move from windy Chicago to balmy North Carolina. The views of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the porch are enough to leave guests speechless, but that wasn’t enough: The Anoffs' dream house came together perfectly with the help of Talli Roberts of Allard & Roberts, the designers with whom Matt and crew partnered. The cedar entryway is exquisite, and it leads into a bright, open area with stone wall accents and a monochromatic palette, making it intimate and contemporary. The kitchen features brand-new appliances, glass cabinets and a waterfall island, which creates the perfect solution for storage, seating and functionality. It’s easy to imagine hosting a brunch for friends in this bright and airy room. Mimosas, anyone? The living spaces boast simple design aspects that emanate sophistication, and the view set against the white and gray interior backdrop is picturesque. When the warmer months roll around, the deck is a perfect place to enjoy a summer soiree and the lush colors of the Appalachians. With its meticulous minimalist design and neutral colors, this house is a mountain marvel, and its title as 2016’s “Best in Show” is well deserved.

Walch House

When Matt teamed up with Brickstack Architects to make the Walches' vision a reality, this contemporary masterpiece became yet another award-winning home in Asheville. The sleek trim and wide windows immediately give off an air of style that dares to be matched. These wide windows offer bouts of sunlight, making the simple light fixtures and minimalist art stand out against the refined character of the interior. The freestanding fireplace—one of the most exquisite features—draws the eye to the center of the house, where the kitchen meets the living room. This small touch adds a homey charm to the modern, polished appearance. The placement of the dining room table, island, appliances and cabinets makes the kitchen practical, and the teal blue backsplash and purple dining room chairs serve as a break from the grayscale design, allowing some unique personality to shine through. As if this property needed any more character, the sunroom doubles as a cute breakfast nook or reading room while also offering jaw-dropping views of the mountains. Speaking of beautiful mountain views, the bathtub lies in the corner of two adjacent windows, offering a relaxing respite from the hustle of day-to-day life. While some may prefer a home with more intricacies, when it comes to simple yet elegant living, this design is the crème de la crème.

If you’re in the market for a new home but want to add your own style and nuances, it’s safe to say Osada Construction will be there for you every step of the way. Where there’s passion, there’s excellence, and it’d be tough to find a more passionate team than this one.

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