Fresh Kitchen

More than Just Healthy Food

Fresh Kitchen has just opened its location in Winter Garden recently and that means better and fresher food is even closer to our community. Fresh Kitchen offers its guests their choice of bowls filled with some of the best-tasting ingredients you can get. As the name states, they only use the freshest ingredients and make everything in-house with nothing ever being frozen. Each recipe was expertly created by chefs to ensure you get the best tasting food around. One of the most interesting things that I learned was they use pure olive oil to cook everything instead of using the typical canola oil or a lesser quality oil. This makes such a meaningful difference in taste and I implore everyone to pick up on this when you visit.

From sweet potato noodles to coconut ginger rice and everything in between, you can build your bowl with a variety of options to choose from. Even the proteins you can pick from like the grilled citrus chicken or the herb grilled steak will tease your tastebuds and make them want more. My recommendation for the roasted veggies would be to pick the maple golden spice chickpeas and the sesame green beans. At Fresh Kitchen, they want to make sure you leave fully satisfied and completely nourished because they are always keeping your health in mind and that includes making sure your body is getting only the best.

They originated out of Tampa with the goal to bring not only high-quality food to people but to also help positively impact those communities too. With various locations now in Central Florida, South Florida, Tampa, and Sarasota, Fresh Kitchen is thriving on its mission. The FK Food Ethos is fundamental in how they operate and even down to the company culture itself. They not only try and give back to the community but help inspire the next generation on food sustainability. They have recently given the local middle school an edible garden for this purpose. This will allow our children to see how beneficial it is to grow what we use and learn the difference between what’s truly fresh instead of what’s heavily modified with chemicals.

Next time you are craving something that will really satisfy that craving, head to their newest Fresh Kitchen location and build your own bowl of tasty ingredients. If you are looking for vegetarian or vegan options, they have you covered in both as well. They have a little bit of everything and want you to feel at home when you visit.

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