From Military Police to Financial Advisor

Lessons Learned in Military Carry Forward to Serving Clients

Article by Christy White

Photography by Christy White Photography

Originally published in Pearland Lifestyle

As a financial advisor for Edward Jones, Richard Lambert helps members of the Pearland community and surrounding plan for their future by setting and working towards financial goals. His passion and dedication shines through when assisting them financially to set aside for educational needs or retirement planning because Richard himself grew up in Angleton, TX. “This is my community and I want to help people succeed,” he says while telling stories of his younger years. Interestingly enough Richard's career did not start here despite his passion in his current role. He began his long career trek in the Army in the year 1982.

He enlisted in the military and began to climb the ranks becoming a member of its' military police, Richard never would have imagined when being deployed to Beirut that the same week the United States Embassy would be attacked. His accelerated start went so fast that for him there was no stopping and he loved every moment of serving the people. Deciding to transfer to a German Nuclear Weapons site where he was in charge of reconstituting the defense systems, Richard began to sharpen his career and focus on a role to create a system to aide fellow service men and women with addiction issues.

Shortly after, a transfer to Frankfurt, brought on a new challenge Richard was greatly appreciative of, designing a security system for the entire facility. This was an honor to be entrusted in such a detailed and important mission. Trust at such a level is one not easily given and Richard was aimed to not disappoint. Throughout his military career, he worked with a great many service men and women including a few that went on to become 4 Star Generals or Regimental Commanders. He laughs and casually shrugs his shoulders when talking about having to be in charge of the protections of Generals and members of Congress. Despite working with some military greats, Mr. Lambert says, “I learned going into the military, there is no difference between anyone despite rank, race, or sex. Everyone is the same. They just need encouragement and opportunity to succeed.”

Serving for twelve years and taking medical retirement in May of 1994, he went on to build an IT firm in California. It grew into a multimillion-dollar business which served clients in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as government organizations. Selling the company in 2012, Mr. Lambert retired once again but only to be hired by AT&T to work on and design security systems yet again to protect more people. 

In 2016, Mr. Lambert joined Edward Jones and opened an office in Pearland where he continues his commitment to help but by building a secure future through sound financial investments. “I don’t want to see anyone retire without a cushion or live check to check.” Whether they have millions or as little as fifty dollars to invest, his philosophy of providing opportunity and encouragement to his clients carries forward from his military career. His experience has resulted in the loss of people who served beside Richard. With these losses in mind, Richard strives to make a difference in the lives of the people he serves.  

“Helping people is all I do and all I want to do.”

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