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Get 20/20 Vision Again With Painless Lasik

Painless Lasik eye surgery—a new procedure which is on the groundbreaking, cutting-edge of technology—is now available at the Khanna Vision Institute.

“Yes, painless Lasik eye surgery is here—my patients are loving it, and so will you,” says Dr. Rajesh Khanna, the founding Medical Director of Khanna Vision Institute. Since 1997, he has been doing Lasik eye surgery, which reduces one’s need for contact lenses and glasses.  

“Just when I thought I was pretty bored with Lasik because it’s become routine, out comes this brand new thing from Germany using a laser which does the (procedure) in only 15 seconds,” Dr. Khanna explains. During that short time, there is “no pain, no redness, no loss of vision.”

He further emphasized that this new procedure is “the biggest breakthrough, which is making me smile ear to ear.”

Since the time Lasik was invented in the previous millennium, “we’ve had to hold the eye with pressure to make the cornea flat,” says Dr. Khanna, noting that the cornea is the clear front part of the eye, which is curved.

“And for our machines to work…the cornea had to be flat, just like a flat piece of wood, so the machine could go across in a linear fashion.”

Such pressure left redness in the eyes, “which took weeks to go away and looked cosmetically unsightly.”

This modern breakthrough advanced technology addresses the fact that the cornea is curved and utilizes a laser that can move on a curved surface.  

“So it does not cause any pressure on the eye to flatten the cornea,” Dr. Khanna says. “Instead, the laser docks onto the cornea on the curvature without applying force on the rest of the eye, and in 15 seconds, it makes it flat…within 30 seconds you’ve transformed the eyes with no need for glasses or contacts ever.”

Another benefit of Lasik surgery is the fact that it can save money, because the cost of contact lenses, frames and contact solutions can add up over time. Since Lasik reduces the need for eyeglasses and contacts, people can save money every year by not having to replace lenses or frames.

Additionally, “if you are self-conscious about how you look when wearing your glasses, Lasik can take care of that by getting rid of those glasses,” Dr. Khanna notes. Also, “it is much easier to play sports after Lasik—say goodbye to goggles. No more changing your frames or fretting about knocking them off. You don’t need to worry about contacts falling out during events.”

Dr. Khanna is so confident about this procedure, “we give a lifetime guarantee,” and his hope is that “this new technology will bring out all the chickens who have been scared of Lasik.”

He noted that he most recently performed this procedure on a 17-year-old boy who had been told elsewhere that nothing could be done for him.

“Within three days after Lasik, he has improved…he’s now 20/20 and we’re very happy for him.”

While the thought of having a laser used on one’s eye sounds scary, “it’s not near as bad as you might think,” Dr. Khanna says. “In fact, one of the reasons that Lasik is so popular is because it has very minimal discomfort. You may occasionally feel a little pressure, but it’s no more than how it feels when you rub your eye when you’re tired.”

People can expect “significantly improved vision” the day after surgery.

“You’ll be able to play sports, go surfing, even skydiving,” he said. “Your life will be transformed. Don’t hesitate to call 805.222.7785or visit us at to begin the first step towards the rest of your life.”

The Khanna Vision Institute is located in Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, Moorpark, Oxnard, Sherman Oaks and Inglewood. For more information, call 805.222.7785 or visit