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Get The Look: Bohoditional Bedroom

Article by Trim Design Co.

Get The Look: Bohoditional Bedroom was originally published in Trim Design Co. 

We asked you to vote for which of our design renderings you wanted to see turned into a Get The Look post and this Bohoditional master bedroom was the clear winner!

Hilariously, you didn’t choose a rendering from any of our recent projects, or even one we made when we were blue-sky dreaming. Nope—you savvy people chose the rendering I made of a design for my own master bedroom. Which means you might actually get to see this rendering come to life on our feed if I ever stop working long enough to turn my attention to my own house.

Truth be told, I’m already partway there—the dresser, brass candlesticks, chandelier, pottery, baskets and painting over the bed already exist in my bedroom as I type this.

However, since the dresser, pottery, baskets and candlesticks are vintage, and I’m not giving you mine (unless you ask really, really nicely or bribe me with chocolate and spa treatments) I found you some very similar shoppable alternatives. Ditto with the painting over the bed. The one in this rendering is from a random screenshot I’ve had saved on my desktop for years (I think I originally saw it on Chairish, maybe?) and in real life, I have an oil painting with similar dimensions that my husband made me for Christmas.

Here it is:

For the purpose of helping you Get The Look, I found you a digital download on Juniper Print Shop with a similar vibe that you could print out in a large size and frame. Or you could do what I did and beg the artist in your life to make you a painting in this specific size and color palette.  

For this bedroom design, I kept it in our bohoditional wheelhouse because that’s my design happy place: Modern and uncluttered, but bohemian and earthy at the same time with a nod to the timeless classics of traditional design. This eclectic mix is also carefully calibrated to feel rooted in its surroundings: The color palette is inspired by the landscape of New England, where I live, and the overall design maintains just enough formality to feel casual while still fitting right in with the architecture of my early 1900s Federal Revival building. I could go on and on about how I chose each piece, but I’ll spare you and cut to the chase. Scroll down to Get The Look and then scroll more for the shopping list of links.

Happy curating!  

  1. Fast Growing Trees Maurino Olive Tree  

  2. Wu & Mchugh Vintage Handmade Fishing Basket

  3. Pepe and Carols Mid Century Articulating Wall Sconce

  4. San Junipero Chinese Batik Pillow

  5. Boho Pillow African Indigo Pillow

  6. One Affirmation Vintage Chinese Wedding Blanket Pillow

  7. The Shophouse Blue Studio Art Pottery

  8. The Shophouse Lidded African Basket

  9. Room & Board Berkeley Nightstand

  10. West Elm Mobile Chandelier in Antique Brass

  11. West Elm Metal Frame 48” Round Mirror in Antique Bronze

  12. The Shophouse Ribbed Studio Art Pottery

  13. The Shophouse Large Organic Vessel

  14. The Shophouse Signed Studio Pottery Vases

  15. Charish seller SWI Vintage Mid Century Modern Dresser

  16. Itty Bitty Billboard Tall Brass Vintage Candlesticks

  17. Juniper Print Shop “Salt Box” Digital Download

  18. CB2 Woven Black Suede Bed

  19. Anthropologie Edlyn Bench (custom selections: basketweave linen in olive; metal in cast iron)

  20. Annie Selke Mosi Indigo Indoor/Outdoor Rug

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