Get Your Groove Back

Article by Hayley Hyer

With the changing of seasons, it's easy to get in a funk and not feel like yourself. Maybe Daylight Savings Time throws off your routine, and you're driving home from work in the dark when you used to have sunshine during your commute. Maybe it feels like the cold air is zapping your creative energy. You are not alone! Changes in the weather are tough on everyone, and there are tons of ways you can get your groove back. Tandya Stewart, Bria Jones and Chalene Johnson have all been through it and have some methods they learned from their personal experiences.

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10 Ways to Get out of a Creative Rut

When you are doing the same work all of the time, it's super easy to fall into a creative rut. Tandya Stewart of Simply Tandya beats her creative ruts by getting back to the basics, taking breaks when she needs them, traveling, working out and meditating. Check out her other tips and see what lands for you. Sometimes your brain just needs to refresh. You got this!

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Anxiety

Anxiety never waits for a good time. If you are someone who struggles with anxiety, you know that it can pop up on the most inconvenient days when you have way too many things to get done. If you feel like your anxiety is affecting your work and bringing you into a rut, Bria Jones has some suggestions based on what has helped her through difficult times.

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How to Get Your Passion Back

Do you ever scroll through social media and see all of the #MondayMotivation posts and still feel completely unmotivated? It's not just you—it's totally normal to go through periods of being uninspired. Chalene Johnson writes about her own times of feeling like everyone else has so much passion when she's feeling stuck in a rut. Her method of getting her passion back is to spend a little more time on herself. For her, that means taking more time to get ready and pampering herself a little more. For you, it may be something else. Chalene suggests mostly finding hobbies that give you a total boost in your mind, body and soul—plus finding some time for those totally pointless activities that just make you happy.

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