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Gift a Getaway

Think outside the box by giving the gift of travel.

These days when it comes to gift giving, there are endless options available right at our fingertips. It has never been easier or more convenient to cater to others' interests when selecting what to purchase. The sky is truly the limit during this season of giving when our homes are filled with glistening, bow-tied packages filled with ... stuff. 

But what if we shift our gift-giving gears a bit, and start thinking outside the box? The notion of giving experiences as opposed to material goods has become increasingly popular in recent years, and we love the thought of embracing a more adventuresome spirit when giving gifts to those we love. But what, exactly, does that look like? What does it mean to "gift a getaway?" 

The good news is that it can mean whatever you want. Just as there is an endless variety of "stuff" out there so, too, are there infinite possibilities when it comes to travel-based giving. For example, say you've got an enthusiastic angler on your gift list. For every fishing rod or tackle box you could wrap, there is an incredible fishing excursion waiting to be chartered. Have a loved one who enjoys camping? For every tent, sleeping bag, and insulated cooler out there, awaits an unforgettable camping (or "glamping," if you're me) experience. 

The gadgets and gizmos that we give may come with cool bells and whistles, but experiential gifts can come with so much more. From education and understanding to thrills, connection, and lifelong memories, getaways carry a value that goes beyond the tangible. This is the sort of deeply fulfilling satisfaction that renders travel gifts truly unforgettable. If you do it right, that is. 

Giving a getaway is a generous, thoughtful approach to gift-giving, but it isn't without its potential for mayhem and (potentially quite costly) mistakes. It's important to be ultra considerate as you plan a gift like this, from selecting the right experience or destination to how you want to actually deliver or share the gift when the time comes. Have you thought through any hidden costs or fees? Is the recipient afraid of flying or would a cruise render them totally seasick?

These may seem like obvious points, but as they say - the devil's in the details. By taking the time to really think through the finer details of a getaway gift - from start to finish - you'll ensure that it is truly a gift, rather than a potential burden.

Our best advice? Seek the help of a professional travel agent. Travel agents can knowledgeably tend to every nook and cranny of a travel planning experience, helping to not only avoid any gaffes or overlooked (and costly!) details but also aiding in the whole secret-keeping portion of the program. Because there's nothing like a conspicuous credit card charge or airline points number to give away your attempt at a giving away a getaway. 

Say that three times fast. 

Charleston-based luxury travel agent Catherine Lengers, CEO of NHS Voyages specializes in helping her clients do just that. Catherine is passionate about helping clients "have amazing voyage(s) by taking away the hassle ..."   She appreciates that her clients are creating memories, and wants them to focus on the voyage, not the planning. 

Lastly, you may want to find a way to join in on the experience you're giving. Because the only thing better than a getaway is doing it with friends or family. Connection, conversation, and camaraderie are what it's all about. Presence is better than any present, to be sure. It wins every time. 

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