Giving Is a Wonderful Way of Showing Thanks

As We Celebrate with Friends and Family This Season, it’s Important to Also Share That Love with Those Less Fortunate

Life moves fast and can oftentimes brings stress and heartache along the way. It's easy to forget just how fortunate so many of us really are. Large families, close friends, beautiful homes, extensive wardrobes and elaborate gatherings should never be taken for granted. Many of us have not, do not and will not have those things as part of our life experience. Never overlook how much of an impact giving a little back can have on other people’s lives. 

For our first-ever issue during the giving season, we reached out to the Salvation Army, an organization that has helped to transform lives around the world for well over a century. We wanted to showcase just how much work is being done right here in our communities and inform you on how you can help support the effort.

The Salvation Army has a presence in every zip code across Western Pennsylvania. The Western PA Division itself has 149 centers and units, which helped an impressive 321,067 men, women and children in 2017 and 2018. The services performed ranged from providing 295,639 meals and 144,877 groceries to aiding in 822 housing/rent assistance cases and 4,347 utility assistance cases and during the holidays distributing 92,509 toys and gifts. 

Food, material and financial assistance are not the only ways the organization supports our communities. It also has an extensive range of social services and programs for personal health, children and teens, recovery and rehabilitation, emergency disaster relief, parenting and spirituality, just to name a few. Just recently The Salvation Army has also launched an initiative against human trafficking. 

When you are presented with the numbers and facts on some of the hardships our fellow neighbors and community members are going through, it is tough not to have a clearer perspective on just how lucky some of us are to live the lives that we do. If you want to make a difference and have the time, volunteering is a great way to show your support. If you don’t have the time but you do have the means, providing financial support to charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army goes a long way. 

More than 60% of the Salvation Army’s revenue comes from the public, so if you would like to offer your support, please visit to find information on upcoming fundraising events, drop-off locations, volunteering and other ways to give back. And, of course, you will undoubtedly see the iconic red kettles throughout November and December.

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