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The luxurious lobby and retail store of Arcona Studio in Beverly Hills.

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Glowing Skin

Why it’s Your Best Accessory: A Perspective From Arcona Co-founder, Chanel Jenae

Beverly Hills facialist to the stars, Chanel Jenae knows all the secrets to getting luminous skin. With over 18 years in the beauty business and co-owner of Arcona Studio, she has perfected the path to a glowing complexion. 

I had the pleasure of sitting down with her to discuss ways we can achieve healthy and beautiful skin--even while social distancing.

You’re known across the globe for your products and facials. What made you pursue a career in skincare? 

My obsession with skincare has been lifelong. I was interested in all facets of skin health, treatments, and ingredients from my earliest adolescence—I got my esthetician license while in high school. What is most gratifying for me are the amazing relationships formed with clients and witnessing the incredible transformations in their skin—seeing their confidence soar.  I have studied many skincare modalities, but my favorite is our signature facial contouring massage which contours and sculpts the face, lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and stagnation, acupressure to improve circulation. I feel incredibly lucky to do work that I am truly passionate about.

Since the pandemic, you've become known for virtual consultations. Any things we can do at home to combat stress-related issues showing up in our skin?

Keeping the skin clean using a gentle cleanser twice daily. In addition, I love these cleansing pads we have called Triad Pads to cleanse, tone, and refresh the skin throughout the day. They contain gentle but effective witch hazel and rice milk to cleanse and dissolve dirt, makeup, and grime--along with powerful antioxidants white tea, grape seed extract, and cranberry fruit extract. They are effective for all skin types and great on the go. Also, be sure to switch to a lightweight moisturizer with natural ingredients to calm any skin irritated from wearing facial masks.

Anything else we should do to help with mask-acne or irritation?

- Clean your skin immediately once you get home and allow to it breathe. It is also great to get in the habit of using a purifying face mask to cleanse the skin of impurities. I especially love a charcoal mask we make Magic Black Ice Mask that cleanses and clarifies and polishes beautifully without drying or stripping the skin. 

- Once a week use a yogurt mask. Apply organic plain full-fat yogurt to clean for 20-30 minutes. It has active bacterial cultures that can soothe, clear, and calm the skin, as it contains naturally occurring lactic acid that also helps to gently exfoliate.

  • The luxurious lobby and retail store of Arcona Studio in Beverly Hills.
  • Chanel applying Arcona’s Magic Black Ice Mask that uses charcoal to cleanse, clarify, and polish, without drying or stripping the skin.
  • One of Arcona studio’s heavenly treatment rooms where clients get pampered.
  • Arcona’s bestselling Triad Pads, Wine Hydrating Mask, and Wine Oil - all available for purchase at