Going Back to Classier Times

A Gentlmen's Journey

As you get off on Imperial Highway, the surroundings do not represent what you are about to experience as you turn into the small shopping center across from Brea Mall off the 57 freeway, just 20 minutes from Chino Hills. In the far corner, is a sign that reads Bespoke Premium Tailors, unassuming from the outside. Once you enter the doors, you are transported to a time and era when everyone wore suits. The second you enter the doors, the music of this era is all-encompassing. You are instantly transported to the 30s and 40s when a man’s man was a gentleman--when the haberdashery, a men’s boutique if you will, was the place where all men shopped and when style was worn from the grocery store to the airplane and everywhere in between. You are transported to the roaring 20s, the elegant 30s and the sensational 40s when it was not uncommon to wear a suit to go to the movies or to just casually hang around your own house. From the streetlights inside to how you are treated, these guys are experts in their craft. They have a large inventory and know it all by heart. Just a few questions from you and they can find what you need. They are true craftsmen of what is left of a dying breed. You are transported back to a time before the big box stores—a time when everything was BESPOKE, when every man had a personal stylist at his local bespoke shop—a time when there was no such thing as a t-shirt—when men had style and class—no matter their profession—when even the hobos wore suits.

One patron, Mr. Ralph Webb, happened to be next door buying running shoes, getting back into running again. He saw Bespoke and had been looking for a suit from Savile Row in London—a row of tailors known for its bespoke tailoring. “You have to fly out there and be there for one to two weeks because you get multiple fittings,” Ralph explained. The suits in London can cost thousands of dollars, but they are custom-made, bespoke, to your body. “In London, you have a master tailor and he is YOUR master tailor. The suits are very expensive ($10,000+) and the tailors on Savile Row are very proud of their clientele.”  The walls adorn the names of princes and kings who frequent their shops; Savile Row caters to royalty. Ralph explained there’s a movie ‘The Kingsman’ that features tailor row in London.

All in all, Ralph explained he had a phenomenal time shopping at Bespoke. He came in for one suit and ended up with two; something about their selection caught his eye. “There was no pressure, no nothing, he took my measurements and showed me the selection and from off the rack they had a great selection with good quality. He knew exactly what he was doing. He talked to me about Super150s and I said yeah, I like the Super150 suits! and we talked about the different cuts, the different styles and even though the gentleman helping me is a very young man, he knows a lot about his business which is very impressive. When it comes to the 150s, people like them because of the wrinkle factor, but to me it’s a good cut and it’s really classy.” He was enjoying a small tasting of Chivas Regal.

Rose Garcia, a beautiful young opera singer and daughter of the owner, Eddie Garcia, will often greet customers. Growing up as a young girl in her father's shop, she took in all the hard work from customer measurements to alterations on heirloom suits to weight loss transformations and serving celebrities like Oscar De La Hoya and Barry Manilow! Rose has dedicated her life to the family trade, diligently studying under her beloved father. The Garcia family ensures the finest materials make the DNA of the suits and accessories. Just like Seville Road, they encourage you to come back, multiple times, closely tracking your unique goals and fit, down to the feel and aura. Don’t fly to London for the royal treatment; come to Bespoke in Brea!

“There was no pressure, no nothing, he took my measurements and showed me the selection and from off the rack they had a great selection with good quality. He knew exactly what he was doing"

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