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Presented by SOMETHINGchic

“Levi’s are iconic,” begins Linda Brooks, owner of SOMETHINGchic. “They’ve been around since 1873…and they do that by always updating their original lines. My mom wore them in the 70s and they are still just as stylish today. Whether you prefer 100% cotton or good stretch in your jeans, Levi’s has it. Plus, their high cotton denim is so easy to customize and add your own distressing, making your pair unique." She also applauds their move to more sustainable practices.

Why are jeans an investment piece? 

“Jeans are one of the foundations to your wardrobe. You can wear a pair of jeans multiple times a week and create different looks by just changing your top, shoes, coats, and accessories. And when you find the perfect fitting jeans, you buy them, because they are worth it. No one will notice if your jeans aren't up-to-date or luxury denim if your butt looks amazing. Also, jeans don’t ‘style out’ as fast as other trendy items. You can wear a pair of jeans for years and still be in style.”

Do you have any styling advice for denim?

“Straight ankle crop denim is definitely trending. Don’t be afraid of denim that may seem short. Or if Levi’s are too long, cut them off. Since they are mostly such a high cotton fabric, they are perfect for distressing and adding a raw hem. Also the majority of Levi’s are high waisted. Giving your shirt a little front tuck is such an easy styling trick to give a more polished look and highlight the waist. And really, jeans are so versatile. Dress them up or dress them down. They look great with heels, sneakers, boots, and sandals. The options are endless.”

AG Jeans

Presented by Cricket Clothing Company

“I love AG denim because it has a great fit and is made of premium, super soft denim with just the right amount of stretch,” explains Laverne Royer, owner of Cricket Clothing Company in downtown Billings. “AG offers many washes and colors in their denim -one can't have too many great pairs of jeans,” she adds. 

Why are jeans an investment piece? 

“Jeans are an investment piece because they are typically something you are going to wear a lot. We show our customers how to dress them up and dress them down. Denim is something you can wear casual, out to dinner, to a party…almost anywhere.” She also points out that denim is an all season fabric, which means if you invest in a pair that you love, the price per wear is very low, ensuring you receive maximum value (even with a higher price tag). 

Do you have any advice for someone jean shopping?

“Typically, it's wise to try on a few brands of denim to find a fit and style that is just right for you. Cricket carries 3 brands of denim with different fits and price points. AG denim comes in different styles and fits so we can find a style to work for most women's body types.”


Presented by South Harper Boutique and Mercantile

“DL’s mission includes passion for their product, inspired by a clean creation process, resulting in a premium denim product that feels great and looks even better,” replies Kirsten Harper, owner of South Harper, when asked why she loves DL1961. “While the average pair of jeans will use up to 1500 gallons of water to create, DL jeans uses just 8 gallons of water, resulting in saving approximately 50 million gallons of water each year. Instead of using chemicals to vary the wash in different styles, special ozone machines are used to create the different washes that you see in DL1961 denim by using air from our environment.”

What elements are most important when shopping for jeans?

“The most important thing to look for in denim, outside of the sustainability and longevity of the product, is the fit.  You want a pair of jeans to be something that can be worn multiple times and keep the shape.  You want the product to FEEL good on you and be worn in multiple scenarios, whether dressed up or down.” 

How do you recommend caring for denim?

“I wear my jeans up to 5 times before washing them. You should turn them inside-out and wash them in cold water, then hang them to dry. Hot water can fade your jeans and dryers break-down the fibers and produce all of that lint.”

Give a few reasons you believe quality denim is worth the splurge. 

“Although premium denim comes with a higher price, you can wear them longer than a lesser-made and lesser quality product. A very loved pair of premium denim can last for years.” Kirsten adds that premium denim maintains it shape over time, even getting better with each wash and wear. 

Spanx Denim

Presented by Apricot Lane Boutique

“Spanx denim has all of the typical benefits of Spanx: slimming built in panels, structured fabric, and a premium fit that will hold their shape over time,” says Michelle Dowler, owner of Apricot Lane. “Another bonus, they don’t have to be washed after every wear! Cue second day hair and second day denim so we can play more of our day! Our customer feedback has been fantastic and it is probably our largest reorder of the year.”

Do you have any styling advice for jeans/denim?

“The key is taking the time to try them on, but it is so worth it. We're seeing many new denim trends right now and it can be a little intimidating. You can never go wrong with your traditional styles, but we do encourage a sort of ‘branching’ out to all of our customers and friends." She lauds the versatility of good jeans, which can be worn for everything from a night on the town to a baseball game. 

Why are jeans an investment piece? 

“Most people wear jeans more than any other type of clothing. When you think about cost per wear they are actually a great value. Not to mention, can you honestly remember a bad day when you felt amazing in your outfit? NOPE! Do NOT let your closet be the home to any denim that doesn’t make you feel great.”

What elements are most important when shopping for jeans?

“Fit is so important! Styles and washes will always change with the seasons, or just come down to personal preference. Fit is something you can't fake. We also have to be experts on how denim will age and stretch. Some brands ‘break in’ like a pair of shoes, others will stretch, and some will totally hold their shape or 'recover' from wear.”

JAG Jeans

Presented by Neecee’s

“JAG has a new line of denim called Best Kept Secret,” says Denice Johnson, owner of Neecee’s.  “It's booty lifting and tummy tucking...we have sold hundreds of them and gals come back for more washes and different styles. It doesn't matter if you're 20 or 70. They're amazing!”

How do you determine if someone has the right fit, style, cut, wash, etc.?

“The style, cut, and wash depend on personal tastes. Skinny. Straight leg. Bootcut. Flare. High waist. Mid rise. Washes. All of those items have to be determined as you visit with your customer. We can encourage them to try something ‘out of the box’, but in the end we strive for them to feel their best in their new jeans.”

Give a few reasons you believe quality denim is worth the splurge. 

“Jeans are an investment piece because they are a mainstay of everyday lifestyle, whether you work in the home or outside the home. The better the technology in the denim fabric and fit, the better the longevity of your jean. JAG’s Best Kept Secret are a great value for such an incredible fabric and fit. Styles vary but all are priced under $95.”

What can we do to ensure our jeans maintain their shape and color?

“JAG recommends washing your jeans the first time inside out with vinegar as that will set the indigo dye. Don't wash your jeans in too hot of water or put in the dryer.” 

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