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Connecting chefs with foodies for spirited entertaining

It’s been a long two years for foodies and food service in general. We’ve changed our dining habits due to stay-at-home orders and our own personal comfort levels, and we’ve gotten used to having every kind of food from every kind of restaurant delivered right to our doors. 

But, let’s be honest, aren’t we tired of the styrofoam containers, the tiny ramekins of condiments and sauces, and the room temperature french fries? No matter how fast or thorough your food delivery is, it’s nothing compared to a chef-inspired gourmet meal, plated with artistry and delivered freshly and beautifully to your own table. 

That’s where a personal chef service likes INTUEAT steps in to fill the need for chefs and foodies alike. “We created INTUEAT to serve the chefs,” says Leo De Aguiar, CEO, “to help them go back to what they love doing which is plating and serving their passions and watching their guests enjoy the whole experience.”

Enter Randall Julio Chambers-Vargas, or Chef Randy as everyone knows him, and his wife Angela. They are only 2 of the chefs you can book through INTUEAT, and as a team, they are Luxury Meals from Home. They come to you: to your home, your vacation rental, your event venue, wherever! They service within 150 miles from downtown Denver. So wherever your party is, they are able to get there.

When Chefs Randy and Angela come into your home, they bring everything with them, including their joy and passion for delicious and inspired food and drink. You be wowed by their displays of fresh seafood and perfectly seared meats. Chef Randy makes art on the plate, paying attention to every small detail, so that the colors, flavors, and textures blend together for the most pleasurable experience possible. All you have to do is pick the place, the friends to invite, and the moment you want to celebrate. Leave the rest to the experts. 

Chef Randy will tailor the menu to your desires, dietary needs, and imagination. He especially loves working with seafood and Latin-inspired dishes, paying homage to his Bolivian roots. They can set up horderves for cocktail parties, cater weddings and bachelorette brunches. They do romantic date nights for two, corporate lunches, and team retreats. Chefs Randy and Angela love interacting with their clients and bringing extra spirit to already festive events. And it doesn’t matter how big or how small your event is. If you want a fancy brunch with all your best girlfriends to be served to you in your nightgowns, they’ll make it happen. If you want to surprise your partner with a fancy night IN, they love to be there and be the big surprise. 

Having a chef in your home, bringing the food right to you and talking to you as they cook and serve, makes more room for relationship between the creator and the consumer. INTUEAT isn’t just about food delivery, it’s about creating immersive dining experiences, enjoyable for the chefs and the clients, at levels that simple aren’t even possible in restaurants. 

“​It's been a tough year for everyone,” says Chef Randy, “If COVID-19 taught us anything, it's that we are slowly forgetting how important it is to celebrate each other, and celebrate ourselves. Have Angela and I cook for you, and it won't be forgotten easily. It is those small moments that remind us of our community of spirit.”

So the next time you think about planning a celebration or a night, consider where you feel the coziest and the most peaceful, gather your friends and family, and hire a personal chef. 

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