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Chase Bosonac

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Things that make me Happy...

A child's eye view of gratitude

Children find joy in every moment. They aren’t looking toward the future or worried about the past. Whether they’re playing with friends, eating breakfast, or reading a book, what they’re doing at the moment is their sole focus. As it should be for us. Our sweet reader, Chase Bosonac, shares what makes him happy and reminds all of us the importance of gratitude!


-Youtube to watch documentaries on volcanos & the titanic and video games 

-Zoom to talk to my favorite athlete: Washington Football Team Player Chase Young! YES, he really did have a zoom call with me during quarantine 


My great-grandfather was in WW2.  I love playing war with toy soldiers with my best friends Dylan and Samuel.  Both of their great-grandfathers were in the Navy also 


Summer: In Monmouth Beach at the Jersey Shore

Football Season: (My mom says this is not a real season)

Winter: Boca Raton with grandparents & riding Golf Cart 

Spring: my birthday 


No captain needed! 


I'm thankful for doctors like my daddy! Also the medical team at CHOP who made my leg braces so I could walk better & kick a football!


  • Chase Bosonac
  • Chase Bosonac