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Myrna Reveals the Magic of 'Angel Touch' Medi Spa

SI City Lifestyle: How did Angel Touch come about?

Myrna: I was born and raised on Staten Island, I initially pursued pharmacy at LIU. I come from a traditional Egyptian family and around my third year of pharmacy school I realized I hated it but took my boards and graduated. Realizing my passion for the beauty industry, I opened Angel Touch, combining medical expertise with my love for beauty.

SI City Lifestyle: How would you describe the experience your clients receive?

Myrna: Honest and personalized care is essential. I prioritize patient safety, delivering natural, glowing results. It is important that my clients feel comfortable and trust me. As far as injectables go, I will work with my clients’ budget to create a customized treatment plan. Many clients become part of my business family, and I ensure they feel confident.  

SI City Lifestyle: What sets Angel Touch apart from other med spas?

Myrna: I love fashion, beauty, taking care of myself and I can truly say I have an eye for this. I can look at my patient’s face and visualize exactly what they need. To me this industry is the prefect mix of medical and beauty. I aim to create a causal, enjoyable atmosphere while offering the latest advanced treatments.

SI City Lifestyle: As a mom of two, how do you manage business and family life?

Myrna: Juggling both is challenging, I cannot split myself in two but I focus on being present in both areas. Knowing that I’m doing this for my children motivates me to find the balance.

SI City Lifestyle: Who inspired you to start the business?

Myrna: My dad, who owns a med spa in Brooklyn, encouraged me to open Angel Touch – a place where people could enjoy treatments without feeling like they were in a typical doctor’s office. I handpicked every detail of the office because I wanted it to be a place people enjoy coming to and also tie in my love for design.

SI City Lifestyle: What were some struggles you faced while setting up the spa?

Myrna: I opened the spa in 2017 while planning my wedding, which was a challenge. However, being the first med spa of its kind on Staten Island brought success. Facing competition, I stood out by offering honest consultations and a wide range of treatments.

SI City Lifestyle: Your spa offers treatments like Morpheus8 and Emsculpt. Who is the ideal candidate for these treatments?

Myrna: For Emsculpt, the patients who are willing to make small lifestyle changes will see amazing results. If they start to eat a little healthier or cut back a bit they will notice a change. Every patient has different muscle memory and some will lose more weight than others but that is a conversation we have to ensure realistic goals. Morpheus8 is a magic filter! It uses micro-needling and radio frequency to tighten the skin and fight acne as well.

SI City Lifestyle: What advice do you have for those starting a business?

Myrna: You will only succeed if you want to succeed. Believe in yourself and be your number one fan. People may doubt you but the worst thing that can happen is it doesn’t work out. You will never know unless you try.

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