Virtual Dental Consultations 

3 things to know

Article by Richard Brown

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Your dentist, orthodontist and even your dental assistant work hard to provide you with a high level of professional care. From concept, to you, the consumer. Your dental team aims to make time spent at the dental clinic as painless as possible—figuratively, I may add. We all know that some dental procedures come with a level of pain.  

You’ve probably noticed that your dental clinic is offering virtual consultations. Some of you may be wondering if having a dentist examine your mouth virtually is even possible. Rest assured, it’s possible. That being said, most dental procedures are in-office procedures e.g., broken braces bracket, dental pain, and more.   

Today’s AI (artificial intelligent) technology is geared to give you a seamless patient experience. Dentists are able to keep track of your progress and even talk to you live through video conference. Any questions or concerns that may arise can easily be addressed directly to your dentist. This type of tech is beneficial to both the dentist and patient. 

Different dental clinics and AI software will offer a different experience, but they all include the basics. If your dentist is offering virtual appointments, here’s how it will go.  

Step 1: Strong internet connection

Whichever device that you decide to have the appointment on, make sure you have a good internet connection. 

Step 2: Quiet place

Make sure you’re not in a coffee shop the day of your appointment. Yes, the WI-FI may be good but the lighting and or noise isn’t ideal for the dentist to give you a proper diagnosis.   

Step 3: Enter the waiting room

Give yourself time to login into the waiting room. 

Tip: Have pen and paper ready to write down any notes that your dentist may have for you. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to write down your questions that you have for the dentist. 

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