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Article by Dr. Wes Paten

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Over 1.5 million whiplash injuries occur yearly from sports, slip and fall, or auto accidents.

Because so many whiplash injuries happen at low speeds, people tend to ignore their symptoms - and when it comes to whiplash, rest equals rust.

Those symptoms are your body's way of communicating. Imagine getting a text message from your body that says, "pay attention inside now!". Pain is literally its way of telling you a change has happened and to act - not "wait and see." Not everyone experiences the same symptoms, and it may be hours or days before they appear.

Whiplash symptoms can range from headaches and neck aches to stiffness and shoulder pain to numbness and tingling in your arms and hands, all at varying degrees of intensity - no one wants these to stick around or get worse!

While it may seem strange, movement can be one of the best things for whiplash, even if it causes some minor discomfort. Studies have shown that controlled movement can limit the amount of scar tissue that forms and may even promote quicker healing times. Chiropractic care is also a particularly effective treatment for whiplash because it is able to reduce inflammation surrounding the affected muscles and ligaments. Additionally, it restores neck and shoulder mobility

When you move better, you tend to feel better and heal better. Movement can be medicine for the body. With whiplash injuries, it's essential to control inflammation and work on improving mobility early on.

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