Non-Boring Cardio


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Non-Boring Cardio


Many people don't enjoy cardio. Not only do they not know how hard they should be working to reach their goals, they oftentimes don't come in regularly enough to see results. That's why BioFit has introduced using Myzone with our clients and members.

Myzone is a heart rate monitoring system designed to help you track your physical activity and exercise intensity. By using Myzone at BioFit, you can monitor your heart rate during exercise, which can help you ensure that you are exercising at an intensity level that is appropriate for your fitness level and weight loss goals. Myzone provides real-time feedback on heart rate, calories burned, and effort level, which can help you stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals. This tool will automatically adjust to your body's fitness level as it improves so you can continue making progress. BioFit has screens throughout the facility so you can keep an eye on your tile to know how hard you're working and stay mentally engaged during your whole workout!

In addition, Myzone provides a sense of community and accountability using MEPs (Myzone Effort Points), so you can connect and compete with friends and family members who are also using the system. This can help to keep you motivated and engaged in your fitness routine, which can be important for long-term weight loss success.

Cardio doesn't have to be boring! You deserve to achieve your fitness goals because no one should feel forever stuck.

Join us at BioFit - your favorite neighborhood gym that guides you on how to get results that last!


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