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There are different types of dentists in St. Louis, many of which specialize in minor and major areas of dentistry.

We are going to cover the various forms of dentistry in this article. First, let us take a look at some of the best cosmetic dentists and what you should look for when making your decision.

Cosmetic Dentists in St. Louis

If you are looking to find the best cosmetic dentist in St. Louis, it is recommended that you choose one who has graduated from a prestigious dental school.

With good training, experience and the related expertise, the cosmetic dentists should be able to perform innovative and modern dentistry. One of the top cosmetic dentists in the area is Dr. Erin Scimone who graduated from the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. You need someone who has a compassionate and caring approach to her patients and one who is customer-oriented and knows how to make you feel comfortable.

Another important factor is getting good referrals from people you respect.

If someone you trust recommends a dentist, then you should be confident in reaching out to the practice. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot ask questions for yourself and do your own research prior to making your choice.

The dentist should be aware of innovative techniques and should specialize in the field that you are interested in. You also want a dentist that provides worry-free results. Choose a dentist who provides exceptional and technologically advanced dental procedures to patients and one who offers comprehensive and signature dental service to patients of all age groups.

What Are the Key Factors to Opting for Family Dentists?

When you go about choosing a family dentist, it is best to look at how many dentists work within the practice.

This is important because each dentist may specialize differently and so you will have more options. STL Family Dentistry is one of those dental practices. It is run by Dr. Pfeffer, Dr. Ruopp and Dr. Palmer. All three dentists specialize in dental health maintenance, cosmetic dentistry and advanced methods to improving a patient’s appearance.

The staff is friendly and experienced and has the same vision as the dentists do: giving families beautiful smiles.

You should also pay close attention to efficiency and affordability, which Creve Coeur Dental provides. The practice also does community care outreach, which is another important factor. The office accepts client with dental surgery needs and general dental services such as cleanings, extractions and fillings.

Children’s Dentists: What You Should Know

Your kids need good dental care from an early age. Before you decide on a dentist for your children, it is advised that you do research and check out the dentist's experience, background, training, specialty and expertise.

You also want to make sure the staff is caring and that the environment is fun and safe. In addition, you should inquire about the accepted ages. St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry is one of the dental firms you could consider. It has four locations.

All of the offices have a fun environment where children are engaged. The atmosphere is child-friendly, educational and quite interactive. St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry specializes only in caring for children between the ages of 0 to 18 years of age.

St. Louis and its surrounding areas do have good dentists, but you probably have to do your own sleuthing to find the best or ask for a referral.

Many children are afraid of going to the dentist and so you want to find one that makes your child feel safe and comfortable. Children's Dental Theatre is an atmosphere that parents would want to take their kids. It is fun, relaxing and entertaining. While your child is waiting for optimum dental care, there is a choice of the latest 3D movies to watch.

What About Pediatric Dentist?

The same is true for a pediatric dentist as it relates to making sure that your children like the idea of a visit to the dentist instead of feeling petrified.

Chesterfield Pediatric Dentistry specializes in pediatric dental care. The dentists run a clinic where infants, children and adolescents receive amazing service from Dr. Dunagan and others.

Cheap + Affordable Dentists

If you don’t have dental insurance and you are looking for an affordable dental practice, you should decide on a dentist who will work with you, creating payment plans where it is needed the most. Therefore, you want someone who doesn’t just care about money, but about people. Dr. Jack Griffin fits the description.

He specializes in oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. Dr. Griffin lectures internationally as well. He is one of the most respected and honored dentists in the nation.

Low-Cost Dental Care

Some residents of St. Louis might not be able to afford dental cost nor do they have dental insurance. There are several dental clinics in St. Louis that are funded by the federal government.

These clinics help low-income patients by using a sliding fee scale to pay what they are able to afford. Betty Jean Kerr Peoples Health Centers is one of them with three different locations in St. Louis.

Are There Any Free Dentists?

There are free dentists in St. Louis, but mostly through the state’s dental health programs. There are several programs that offer free dental assistance, and most of them are health centers and dental clinic across the state of Missouri.

Medicaid Dentist in St. Louis

There are several dentists that accept Medicaid, namely Crider Health Center, which accepts all age groups; Riverheart Family Dentistry, which also accepts MO HealthNet; and Towne Center Dental Care, which accepts children and pregnant women.

All of them are in the Chesterfield community.

24-Hour Emergency Dentist St. Louis, MO

Are you ready to have that dental surgery, but you are short on time and want to find a dentist that operates 24 hours a day? St. Louis Smile Center Dental Clinic opens at 8 a.m. on Mondays and serves the St. Louis community and other surrounding areas.

Ballwin Dental Care: Simonds Kimberly D DDS is also another dental practice, but it is open on weekends and weekdays, not necessarily around the clock.

Choosing an After-Hours Dentist in St Louis to Match Your Schedule

If you are a busy professional and just don’t have the time during the day to keep a dental appointment, you may be looking for after-hours dentists. St. Louis Urgent Dental Group is a practice that handles emergency dental and has after-hours service to treat a wide range of oral conditions.

The group also offers restorative dentistry, extractions and root canal therapy.

Biological Dentist St. Louis

Dentistry has embraced holistic medicine, and some dentists specialize in this. The holistic or biological dentists consider the body as a whole and not just the patient’s dental issues.

If you are keen on maintaining your holistic lifestyle, you will be pleased to know that the dental field does cater to you.

Do You Want a Holistic Dentist?

One holistic dentist in St. Louis is Michael G. Rehme, DDS, CCN, who has been in practice since 1992. He has focused on holistic dentistry for most of those years, and his specialty is dentistry free of mercury. Other holistic dentists include Kingston Dental Care, which is a biological dentistry specializing in cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. This dental practice is open for procedures in the evenings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and on Saturdays.

Holistic and natural dentistry are both similar. For those who want to choose the natural options, then Wiele Dental Associates run by Gary Wiele, DDS offers natural dentistry as his specialty. He offers services such as natural TMJ treatment, Invisalign braces, teeth whitening and periodontal treatments.

We hope that the compilation of dental care facilities and the different categories we placed them in is useful as you search for the right dentist for your specific dental challenges.

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