Two Types of Miracles


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Article by Dr. Anthony Cutting

Photography by Dr. Anthony Cutting

I've always been fascinated by the miracle of how our bodies work. Designed by a perfect Creator, our bodies are always doing their best to keep us protected by nature of their innate intelligence. It may not seem that way when we are sick or injured, but diving deeper, we find there is more to the story...

When you get sick, or break down, the miracle that millions upon millions of tiny details work perfectly every second is interrupted. Like a late morning in a traffic jam, something gets behind schedule. Then as each of the subsequent steps in the process falls behind-whether it's the blood flowing through your body, your nerves firing efficiently, or your body's cells creating energy to properly function or regenerate, a negative chain reaction occurs.

All because the body got out of balance As a result, a tiny mis-organization in the constant miracle of the human body leads to the need for a bigger more obvious “miracle"-something or someone to help fix the pain or illness you are not experiencing.

Our day-to-day stress can cause the body to move towards dysfunction.   

The result is a breakdown in the way that all of the parts - the tiny biochemical pieces, the large bony muscular limbs, the soft and mysterious thinking and feeling parts - layers and layers of them, typically work together seamlessly when the body is balanced. We can adapt to stress properly in this case, but now we can't.

We now have slow, disorganized little traffic jams that snarl up and create stress from the inside. The kind that quietly hides out, slowly and silently spreading its disorganization and chaos. 

Until the need for a "big, flashy, “make me better!” kind of miracle is needed. That's when we rebalance your body with the Zone Technique here at our office. 

Chiropractic, and the Zone Technique, was developed for both keeping your body running smoothly, well-coordinated, well aligned, and with all the parts communicating properly…

And also, the big flashy “I need help now!” But what you may be surprised about is how often one is related to the other.  If you or someone you know is hurting or just not feeling your best, or you are doing well and want to do all that you can to stay your best, we are here for you.

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