The Truth About Cancer and Disease


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Article by David Lloyd

Photography by David Lloyd

w Dr Robyn DeSautel, D.C., PNS, CNP

and David Lloyd, B.M.E., CECP


TUE MARCH 22, 7:00 pm

at Lotus Yoga and Wellness 

14872 Metcalf Ave

We are now learning that breast cancer may not really be a cancer! This informative and interactive workshop will open you up to the future of health care and how we view cancer and disease. We all know someone who has or is going through a trying time with their health. Bring a friend and learn how we are approaching the new way to care for our bodies!

 Dr Robyn R. DeSautel has been a physician for over 29 years. She became a Doctor of Chiropractic because she is passionate about helping people heal without the use of drugs and surgery. Dr. DeSautel owned and operated one of the largest and busiest multidisciplinary clinics in Seattle for over 23 years. In that time her award-winning clinic served over 24,000 patients and had over 270,400 patient visits! She also served on the board of directors of three other health care clinics.

Dr. DeSautel is the co-author of the book, The Truth About Neuropathy: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You and the author of the book, The Truth About Chronic Pain, Discover the Breakthroughs in Treating Peripheral Neuropathy and Joint Pain. Dr. DeSautel was voted 2019’s Best Neuropathy Doctors

After nearly 3 decades of study and clinical experience, Dr. DeSautel has a conviction that there is a divine guidance in all of life including health challenges. She teaches the German New Medicine laws that the body is biologically designed to heal itself and that every illness has a divine purpose. She has taught thousands of patients concepts and recommendations that have proven effective in helping them reverse chronic disorders, manage stress, and feel healthier. Her goal is to help as many people as divinely possible to feel more alive and energetic and to enjoy life more.

Dr. DeSautel is enthusiastic about empowering people to understand that the body has its own innate healing power. And that self-healing and reversing chronic disease is possible!


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