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Morristown New Jersey may have a small population of just over 17,000 people but that does not stop it from having huge offerings. This New Jersey suburb is known for its safety, great nightlife, diversity and being family-oriented. 

There is no shortage of fine dining in The city along with coffee shops and parks for families to have outdoor enjoyment.

Despite its size, Morristown has all of 30 massage spas available for its residents and visitors alike. Some of the spa services that you can obtain in the metropolis is lymphatic massage, pregnancy therapy, sports massage therapy, full body massage and a range of other services.

A very popular massage service is Swedish massage. Oftentimes this is chosen when clients go in to get a full body massage. It is usually recommended because it is a lighter form of massage than deep tissue massage which is more invasive. Swedish massage is better for a person who has not yet become acclimated to massage services.

Hand and Stone Massage & Facial Spa is one of the most popular spas in New Jersey. They offer full body massage, detox facial, rejuvenating facial, sensitive skin facial, LED skin phototherapy, and a range of other massage services. Their full-body massage eases tension, relieves tired muscles, and alleviates migraine headaches.

Most of the massage spas with excellent reviews are in the vicinity of the Morristown Green, which is a historical site where major town events are held.

Here are a few types of massage that are very popular in Morristown.

Great Massage Therapy for Couples

If you’re trying to get a couples massage done in Morristown, New Jersey, you won’t have to look far as most of the spas in the city have that service on their menu. A couples massage can involve the spouse, mother and daughter, or friends, but as the name says, it’s ideal for two people. 

When put simply, a couples massage is when two people lay beside each other on separate beds, with two therapists, one for each person, attending to their therapeutic needs. Oftentimes the process includes, soothing music, aromatherapy and lit candles.

A five-star facility awaits you just west of the Morristown National Historical Park that offers a wide range of invigorating therapy services.

During the couple's massage, both persons go through the same therapeutic procedures. You can decide on what you want from the onset, or you can leave it up to the therapist to work their magic and find the sections of your body that require unknotting.

It’s usually ideal to turn up for your massage service at least 15 minutes ahead for multiple reasons.

The first reason is that you get a chance to relax before the procedure and you can have a light snack, listen to music and you can read a magazine. 

Proper etiquette dictates that you give a 20% gratuity to the massage therapists this is usually divided between both of them. It would be 20% of the cost of the service for both people.

When preparing for a couples massage in the city, it’s usually recommended that you set your schedule for the evening or late afternoon, unless you plan to take the day off. Scheduling a morning massage will take away from the harmony as you head back out to the stressful day.

It’s important to shower before going to a massage appointment, not to eat anything too heavy, and to have a glass of wine. It’s important to leave your phone behind.

If you’re not able to leave the phone behind at least leave it in your vehicle when you go in for the massage. The best time to get a couples massage is when you’re actually in a jolly mood.

Pregnancy and Prenatal Massages Offered

A prenatal massage is good to help alleviate the discomfort of pregnancy. Most physicians however recommended that women avoid getting a massage during the first trimester. 

This recommendation is made because women are at highest risk of a miscarriage during the early part of their pregnancy. Mini massage therapist declined to treat a woman who is less than three months pregnant.

There are however massage procedures that can be done during the early stage. It is best to ensure that the masseuse you choose is certified in prenatal massage therapy, so they will have a full understanding of the areas that may cause stimulation in the uterus and could lead to contractions.

Despite the risks, a massage is one of the most beneficial procedures for a woman during her pregnancy, particularly if it’s a troublesome gestation. Whether you are pregnant or postnatal it is still regarded as a pregnancy massage.

This technique usually lasts about an hour, and some of the therapists use a massage table that’s specifically designed for pregnancy. Others use a pillow that allows the woman to crouch comfortably on her side. This is of great help, especially during the latter part of pregnancy. 

The major benefits gained from a pregnancy massage are reduced stress hormones, better sleep, less back and leg aches, and a decrease in anxiety. Her overall mood is improved after a massage.

Science-backed Lymphatic Massage Therapy

If you’re looking to get a lymphatic drainage massage done in The local area you’re in luck. Manual lymphatic drainage is a type of therapy that encourages the natural flow of the lymphatic fluid away from the body's tissues towards the heart.

You can get a lymphatic massage near the Elizabeth River Park and along Morris Avenue to 202 and Spring St.

It gets rid of toxins from the tissue areas of the body. When lymphatic fluid does not flow, it allows a lot of waste matter to build up inside the body. This can affect the heart and the brain.

The frequency of the lymphatic drainage massage depends on the severity of the illness. A person who has severe lymphatic issues will have to undergo treatment multiple times per week up to two months. Once there has been sufficient drainage, the treatment period is reduced to an occasional visit. 

The cost for lymphatic drainage varies based on the seriousness of the client's case. Because lymphatic drainage expedites the waste from the body. It is a great way to lose weight. You not only lose weight, but their overall health is improved.

After a lymphatic drainage procedure you can expect to feel exhausted. It is recommended that you lie down somewhere for a while and not get yourself involved in any extreme activities for the rest of the day. If you have to keep things on your schedule it should be very light.

Overall, the services mentioned above are only some of the many types of stimulating massage services that you can partake in when you're in Morristown, NJ. 

Whether you live in the lovely city, or you're just passing through, a massage in Morristown will be perfect for you. Why not indulge?

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