How to Increase Your Collagen

Pills and Powders Can Help Restore this Important Protein

Article by Joscelyn Gann

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Collagen is the newest health and wellness buzzword and we are here for it. It seems that beauty and health professionals, and even the Kardashians, are sharing their favorite products with this miracle ingredient. So, what is collagen and should you jump on board? Here are a few facts to help you decide if this trend is for you.

What is Collagen? Simply put, it is a protein. It is found in your ligaments and muscle, in your bones, and in your skin. It basically is what holds your body together. Skin texture, muscle, digestion, and even our bones are impacted by collagen.

Why do I need to supplement with collagen? As we age, our collagen stores decline. Other factors like smoking, sun exposure, and diet can destroy your natural collagen. If the last sentence sounds like your entire college experience, read on.

How can I increase my collagen? There are many different types of collagen on the market, from bovine to marine sourced. You can take a pill or add a scoop of powder to your morning smoothie for an easy health boost.

Supplemental collagen sources:

  • Bone broth
  • Hydrolyzed collagen (Powdered supplement)
  • Gelatin (cooked collagen)
  • Capsules

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