CrossFit PHX Workouts Ideal for Men

Mycal Anders Shares his Passion

CrossFit PHX is ideal for men at all levels, from those training in their athletic offseason to those looking to achieve new goals in their training. To begin on a healthier path, founder Mycal Anders says all someone needs to do is show up.

Mycal has been in and around the strength and conditioning industry for 20 years. From football at East Texas State to the Airforce Academy, he always felt blessed to have good coaching, and he uses those ideas when training his clients.

"Men's Fitness magazine nominated us No. 1 CrossFit Gym in America in 2017. We offer fitness, but also massage, meal preparation and nutrition. We're a one-stop shop. When I was in the Marine Corps, everything was at my fingertips, and I wanted to recreate that for my members."

Recently, Mycal published a book called Inner Circle which has become an Amazon best-seller. It discusses ways to create a clearer and easier path when you lighten your load. Whether it's getting healthier or starting a business, Mycal says happiness is a choice, and nothing works unless you do. 

Workout for the Male Athlete (Three Steps in the CrossFit PHX Process):

—12 Calorie Assault Bike – Anaerobic pacing, and sets the tone for every round.

—10 Box Jumps – Plyometrics are great for fast twitch muscle fiber development and rapid force development.

—8 Deadlifts

To learn the entire routine, visit CrossFitPHX.com.

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