Doing More Is Not Always Better


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Article by Emily Mobley

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Calling myself out today. I always thought the more I do the better the outcome would be… 

  • The more exercise, the better! 
  • The more restriction with my diet, the better!
  • The more I said “Yes” to people to help with thing, the better! 
  • The more I accomplished in the day, the better! 
  • The more perfect I was about everything I did in my life, the better! 

 Wow- That just stresses me out typing it. 

I don’t know if you have ever taken an enneagram test before, but essentially it is a type of personality test. I came back as a “3” which is an “achiever”. This fits me well and explains why I ran (and sometimes continue to run) my life at 100 mph. I get a lot of satisfaction from accomplishing things. It can be ANYTHING on my “to do” list also. If I can scratch it off, I am one happy girl! 

It wasn’t until 2 or so years ago that my body basically sent me every signal in the world that I needed to SLOW DOWN. I was mentally and physically exhausted, my anxiety was through the roof, my body was constantly sore, my immune system was in the toilet. Despite trying to do everything “right”, I was likely more internally unhealthy than healthy. 

So, being my achiever self, I read and listened to every self help book, met with a functional medicine dietitian, and started evaluating why I felt this way. 

And do you know what the outcome was? I truly needed boundaries and to SLOW DOWN. 

  • I needed to actually give my body rest. 
  • I needed to not work out so much. 
  • I needed to stop saying “Yes” to everything. 
  • I needed to cut out things in my life that were not essential to my happiness and health. 

I am being vulnerable today and sharing this with you to remind you that MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER. 

You can still feel just as good, just as healthy, see progress in your body composition, and achieve your goals by doing WAY less! 

We live in a society that constantly is pressuring us to “do it all” and in reality our bodies were not meant to do that. 

Despite popular belief, our bodies really just want the basics: 

  • Adequate food for energy 
  • Sunlight
  • Rest/Sleep
  • Water/Minerals 
  • Movement 

And, trust me, you will be shocked at the progress you will make when going back to the basics. 

If you need help ridding the crash diet mentality and focusing on the essentials, my Gray30 course is for you! 

Talk Soon,


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