How to Grow Your Booty in 12 Weeks


Article by Eboni Ward

Photography by Eboni Ward

Hey y'all, hey! So normally I write about weight loss and the journey balancing a crazy life, but today let’s talk about this “fit thick” look going around on IG and in the celebrity realm! If I got $1 for every consultation I had where a woman said “I just want to lift my butt and keep my thighs, and flatten my stomach, but I really don't want to lose my butt!” Or they will say, “I want to gain more muscle in my booty, but I don’t want it hard. I just want my man to be able to bounce a quarter off it” I'd be at least a multi-thousandaire! Ha ha! As a trainer for the past nine and half years, as someone who was born with “noassatall” syndrome, as someone who dropped 40+ pound of fat but gained about 25+ pounds of muscle, allow me to let you in on a secret: You have to lose the fat if you want a perkier, almost cellulite-free booty! I’m just saying! (Pictured below is my personal transformation!)

Here are my top 4 tips for booty growth!

1. Food

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s not just ALL the food, it’s not ALL the carbs!! It’s specific macros you’re going to have to eat for your body, BUT (pun intended) it’s more proteins and fats than it is carbs that are going to help your booty grow! That means go ahead and grab that jar of peanut butter, girl! Oh, while you’re at it, go ahead and grab that protein shake! Ooooh girl, I know you see that avocado staring at you! Go ahead and pick a good few for the week! Muscles are made of protein and fats; in order to build a substantial amount of muscle, you’re going to need to eat an excess of high-quality fats and proteins!

2. Deadlifts

My absolute favorite exercise of all time! Why? Because there are so many variations to allow you to target specific muscles in the glutes! Now, heavier deadlifts are great for powerlifting and overall strength, but in order to successfully build rounder, more perkier glutes, you must reduce the weight and focus on controlling the tension as you lower your upper body!

3. Sprints

To be honest, I hate sprints!! However, sprints activate your fast-twitch muscles, which helps you lift stronger, build your endurance, and it lifts your booty while reducing cellulite. Yep, leave it to sprints to help reduce cellulite!

4. TUT – Time Under Tension

Now this is where the real work comes in. Time under tension is how long you can hold the weight before resetting your body back to 0. By putting a muscle under longer amounts of strain and tension, you cause extensive muscle breakdown, which will lead to larger muscles developing once they are rebuilt with all of that protein and fat you consumed!!

Did you notice not one squat or lunge was mentioned? There are so many variations of squats and without someone (like me!) standing over you, there’s a possibility your squats are training more of your quads than your actual gluteus! Train with me anywhere in the world on my online platform.

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