How to Take Control of Your Eating Habits

A Few Different Ways to Think About Your Relationship with Food

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Halloween candy. Thanksgiving pies. Holiday desserts. 

We're entering the festive time of year that’s great for our souls, but not so much our stomachs. Sweets abound, and it can be hard to say no to that peanut butter cup from your kid’s pumpkin basket, or just a small piece of brownie at yet another Christmas party, because let’s be real—you have to at least try it. 

It’s okay to indulge, but now is also a good time to become more aware of your food choices, and make a conscious decision to take control of your eating habits—before the end of the year. 

Here’s a look at some different ways to think about your relationship with food. 

How To Find Freedom With Food 

In today's society, we are constantly hearing about the latest fad diet or weight loss trend. There is a lot of pressure placed on us to look and eat a certain way, and ultimately, it can make eating pretty confusing and stressful. 

An approach that can help work toward a healthier relationship with body and/or your body is known as 'intuitive eating, which means letting your body guide your eating decisions, such as when, what and how much to eat. You will slowly learn to respect, and most importantly, trust your body along the way.

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6 Steps for Creating a Healthy Meal Plan

Meal planning can seem a little intimidating and overwhelming if you've never done it before, but it doesn’t have to be. From creating a list of your favorite recipes, to taking inventory of what you have on hand, here are some tips to make the process quicker and easier, so meal planning can reduce stress in your life, not add to it.

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10 Reasons Women Struggle with Weight Loss

Feeling frustrated because weight-loss seems impossible? Maybe you’re doing all the “right” things but your clothes aren’t loosening and the scale never budges? If this has been your experience, you’re not alone. It can be so disheartening when you put in the effort, but never see results. Weight loss for women is not always a simplistic picture. There are a number of reasons why it’s harder for women than men.

Start by understanding the reasons why you struggle to lose weight as a woman. Then, make a few tweaks to what you’re doing, and watch all of that change.

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