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Add These Healthy Habits to Your Grocery List

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Healthy Habits Coach:


Optimist, encourager, life + health coach

Lindsey Bonadonna’s eyes light up in the produce section. As a Healthy Habits Coach, fresh foods get her all fired up. Lindsey is certified as a health coach with international credentials, in gut health and as a yoga instructor. As a busy mom of two and a woman with health issues and food allergies, she knows the challenge of making healthy lifestyle changes firsthand. 

Many of us take on resolutions for healthier eating in the new year, but find ourselves slipping into old habits as we push our cart through the grocery aisles. We took a trip to a local Kroger store with Lindsey to get tips on small changes we can make at the grocery store to make a big impact. We learned (and laughed) a lot. Here are Lindsey’s tips for shopping and eating for better health. 

Location, Location, Location

Shopping for your health does not require a specialty grocer. You don’t have to blow your budget or drive across town to a gourmet supermarket; your favorite local store is full of healthy, accessible choices.

“If it is not accessible, you are probably not going to do it, especially for the long term” Lindsey says with furrowed eyebrows.

Crowd it Out

Fill your cart (and life) with fresh foods to crowd out other, more processed foods that may not make your body feel as well. Make gradual changes that accumulate to progress.

“The more fresh foods that we can include in our day to day, versus more processed foods, the more it adds to our health,” Lindsey says. “If you are filling up with the fresh foods, there’s naturally less space for the other stuff.”

“For example, if you are eating 10 cookies a day and you replace just one of those cookies with a piece of fruit, that’s a reason to celebrate,” she adds. “The habit will continue to  grow.” 


Have a party in your mind each time you make a healthy choice. Did you reach for a glass of water instead of a soda at lunch? Cue the confetti! You are flooding your brain with dopamine, a feel-good hormone, each time you celebrate yourself.

“When we celebrate the healthy changes we are making, we are rewiring our brain’s neural pathways to want to repeat those healthy choices, which is building a habit,” Linsdey explains. 

Fun-Size Changes

Focus on making a series of small changes to get to a long-term, sustainable, vibrant lifestyle, rather than completely depriving yourself of something you love. 

“This is why my company is called Kale and Cake—it’s important to have both,” says Lindsey. “Changing your lifestyle is not an all or nothing situation. We’re not looking to build healthy lifestyles in just 30 days—no quick fixes. We have to look at all aspects of our lives and find what works best for you and what helps your body.”

Listen to Your Body

Pay attention to your body’s response to your choice of foods. If it doesn’t make you feel good, skip it. 

“Get curious about why you are making the decisions you are,” Lindsey encourages. “When you are reaching for something out of habit, take a pause and identify the reason. Are you really hungry for that or are you being driven by your emotions?”

Read Nutrition Labels

Check the nutrition labels for foods that have shorter ingredient lists with items you can pronounce. Look for nutrient dense options. Don’t be afraid of carbohydrates. 

“Carbohydrates get a bad rap,” Lindsey says. “Carbs are food for our brains. Instead of cutting them out completely, take a closer look at the quality of the carbohydrates you are eating regularly. Try to reach for the item with the highest nutrient quality, like an apple over a piece of white bread.”

Lindsey is interested in the long-term results that come from taking life one step at a time, looking at yourself from all angles: body, mind and soul. 

“Being healthy doesn’t mean having to give up everything you love,” Lindsey points out. “It’s all about balance.” 

For more healthy lifestyle tips, recipes, encouragement for self-care and finding joy and even virtual yoga, follow Lindsey at her website and on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. @lindseyloveswellness LindseyBonadonna.com

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What’s in Your Cart?

A look inside the shopping cart of local healthy habits coach, Lindsey Bonadonna of Kale and Cake.


Add this healthy fat to eggs, salads and sandwiches. 


A handful of nuts is a quick and easy go-to snack with protein.

Salad Dressing

Look for the fresh, refrigerated dressings with fewer preservatives in the produce section.

Oat Milk

Oat milk is a yummy alternative to traditional dairy with a similar texture.

Made Good Granola Bars

Kids love these chocolate chip bars filled with natural ingredients.

Fresh Fruit + Veg

Fill your cart with a variety of colors of fresh foods to crowd out processed foods.

Whole Grain Bread

Switch to a hearty whole grain bread for a fun-size change in your diet.

House Plant

Add something that makes you smile to your food-prep area.

Special thanks to The Kroger Company.

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