What to Actually Eat for Weight Loss


Article by Emily Mobley

Photography by Amanda Donaho

How many times have you tried to eliminate foods from your diet in hopes of weight loss only to fail by like day 10?

If you are saying TOO MANY TO COUNT... this is for you.

Instead of approaching your nutrition with "let me just cut out all these foods, calories, carbs"

What if you ACTUALLY knew how to eat to add to your plate to make your body?


→ burn more calories on its own

→ be healthier

→ lower inflammation

→ support your energy

→ mitigate cravings

For example:

  • Carbohydrates like black beans have great fiber that support your digestion, fullness after meals, and heart health.
  • Proteins like chicken, beef, eggs have essential amino acids that help your muscle grow = your body burning more calories on its own
  • Fats like brazil nuts have selenium which supports thyroid health ... Your thyroid is your backbone behind your metabolism functioning optimally.

Instead of "eliminating" certain things away from your plate... What if you started adding the RIGHT things on your plate to make you healthier, support your metabolism, and get results?

→ My client Susie started to focus on her plate vs doing keto and she now has to buy a smaller bra.

→ My client Molly started to focus on her plate over doing fasting and she went from a size 10 to a size 8

→ My client Clare started to focus on her plate vs. eliminating desserts and take out has never felt better in her body + energy levels.

You can continue to make yourself miserable with dieting and diet foods... or you can do REALLY simple strategies like adding more to your plate and balancing it to get TRUE results.

It's all about balancing what you NEED on your plate with what you WANT... and that's the true secret to success!

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