Wolf Creek Wellness: Healing Therapies for the Body, Mind & Soul

At Wolf Creek Wellness, clients enjoy wandering around the property that’s home to miniature horses, peacocks, goats and other animals that are sometimes used as part of the therapeutic process.

“One of the best parts about Wolf Creek is the variety of services we offer,” says Founder Lori Donnelly, who uses a variety of intuitive and proven methods, combining techniques such as hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and more.

“Everyone can benefit in some way, whether you suffer from trauma or PTSD, or you have life circumstances that you would like to improve, such as having amazing success in your business ventures or relationship success,” Donnelly says. “Wolf Creek even offers spiritual well-being and awareness.”

The clinicians also make Wolf Creek Wellness unique for what they bring to the table, including Integral Eye Movement Therapy, a method that utilizes simple eye movements and questioning techniques to change a particular thought pattern; Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a way of changing someone's thoughts and behaviors to help achieve desired outcomes; and Reiki, a form of complementary therapy relating to energy healing.

“Wolf Creek Wellness stands apart from other wellness centers because of the variety of services that are offered,” says Angela Fritz, a Certified Hypnotherapist at Wolf Creek Wellness, adding that each service is catered to the client’s needs. “Whether you book a Zoom session or come in person, you are bound to receive results that are life changing.”

Reiki, for instance, is beneficial in ways that are unique to everyone.

“We are all beings of energy and when we can recognize our own energy and get in touch with it we begin to see life with a new set of eyes, ears, words, thoughts and so much more,” Fritz explains. “Many describe Reiki as a massage or floating on a cloud and being taken to somewhere they have never experienced before.”

Additionally, Wolf Creek Wellness offers Sound Baths “that allow for you to go within.”

“With the breathtaking landscape and natural elements that surround Wolf Creek Wellness, magic happens when the sounds and frequencies move through the body, allowing you to take control of going within and digging deep into your own subconscious mind,” Fritz says.

Self-help classes are also offered, as well as yoga, self-hypnosis classes, past-life regression classes, and more.

Located at Wolf Creek Valley Ranch in the Santa Rosa Valley, “Wolf Creek Wellness has always been a healing location,” Fritz notes.

“Lori would use her courtyard porch to assist others while they would visit the ranch and tend to their beloved creatures at the ranch,” recalls Fritz, further emphasizing that “Lori has found her calling by helping others help themselves.”

Additionally, “Lori has several associates on her team that add value to Wolf Creek Wellness,” Fritz says. “For this reason and many others, Wolf Creek Wellness is a place of being yourself and learning tools that will forever change your mindset in the most positive way.”

It’s important to understand that your subconscious mind is “like a hard drive,” and it will do anything to protect you from crashing, Fritz emphasizes.  

“However, just like a hard drive, it doesn’t understand how to differentiate the coding that is being put into the mind and therefore the patterns that continue to show up can be the exact reason why hypnosis is for you.”

Ultimately, the goal of Wolf Creek Wellness “is to help everyone unlock their inner gifts,” Fritz says, “allowing everyone to remember who they are and set themselves free from the coding and hardware that is your subconscious mind is currently using to operate with...allowing everyone to have a fresh start, a reboot, a new mindset that allows for new beginnings in all aspects of our journey here on this beautiful planet.”

For the month of January, Wolf Creek Wellness will offer Sound Bath workshops, and practitioners have limited pro bono openings for clients who qualify. Angela Fritz will offer a past-life regression for $250—normally $475—in addition to teaching self-hypnosis classes. Wolf Creek Wellness is located at 11600 Santa Rosa Road in the Santa Rosa Valley. For more information, call 424.644.9598, email Wolfcreekwellness@yahoo.com, or visit WolfCreekWellness.US.

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