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Healthy Transformations with i2u Culinary Solutions

A comprehensive wellness collaboration from a Dietician and Personal Trainer, a local chef, and a Medical Doctor

Just in time for those healthy New Year's resolutions, a local collaborative wellness program has become available to the public.

Initially created to work hand-in-hand with hospital facilities, I2U Culinary Solutions combines the knowledge and skills of Registered Dietician and Certified Personal Trainer Brent Wilson, Dr. Steven Sands MD, and celebrated local chef Jonathan Stranger. 

The goal in creating the program was to begin to bridge the gap between food and medicine, reducing patients' reliance on prescriptions. Wilson, a Certified Diabetes Educator, honed in on six dietary profiles and created menus to go hand-in-hand with healthy exercise habits to aid in the healing process. 

The program is currently in use at three metro-area hospitals, including  Lakeside Women's Hospital, HPI Community Hospital, and HPI Northwest Surgical Hospital, and has recently expanded to outpatient services. Dr. Sands consults with each of the facilities to enhance and improve the nutritional options throughout their inpatient stay. 

"My hope with i2U is that we can slowly get away from medication as an answer for everything and begin to relieve that co-dependence from the health care model," - Brent Wilson

For individuals wanting to address a specific health issue, or just lose weight and increase fitness, the process is straightforward. Prospective clients visit their website and fill out a simple online form. Wilson then schedules an initial consultation to discuss goals, and a nutritional assessment complete with lab work. From there, Wilson customizes a plan that combines regular check-in appointments for the first three months, a meal plan, and optional personal training sessions. Clients can add additional assistance such as guided grocery-shopping excursions, meal preparation demos and education, as well as continuing nutritional counseling. 

For clients who do not have the time to prepare all of their meals, chef Jonathan Stranger, chef/owner at En Croute, St. Mark's Chop Room, and Osteria created delicious dishes that fit in with each of the six dietary profiles.  Diabetic, heart-healthy, renal, vegan, vegetarian gluten-free, and non-restricted options can be ordered online for delivery weekly. Clients can choose from a few meals each week, to complete chef-driven meal plans to eliminate the need to cook entirely. 

One of the main advantages of the meal plan at I2U is that each dish is prepared from scratch at I2U's kitchen, from locally-sourced ingredients, rather than shipped-in frozen from a warehouse states away. Each recipe is carefully crafted to be as delicious as it is nutritious. 

Wilson strongly suggests including a healthy and regular fitness program to complement the nutritional approach. Training one to three times per week is recommended, based on the needs and abilities of the client. The program is customized based on what it will take to incorporate these changes into a long-term lifestyle. The more effort that goes in determines the benefits that result. 

The partners created this program with the intent to empower individuals to take charge of their health, beyond the diagnosis of acute or chronic illness. They hope to create lifelong habits that will prevent future problems, increase healthful longevity, and inspire better self-care.

 "I have tried every diet imaginable, including injecting myself with hCG. That really worked great until the re-feeding stage!! I gained back the 40 lbs I lost plus about 10lbs more. I've had gym memberships and Pilates packages and several other nutritionists in the past. Nothing has given me results like i2U. For me, I was interested in working out again and getting back into shape. I2U has the nutrition part I needed, but it also helped me with the exercise component. I also love that there was never a push to buy any supplements!"
Angela S. OKC, i2u client for nine months

To preview the weekly menu options, visit i2u-Culinary.Square.Site/Menu-Page. To request a consultation, visit

Enjoy dietitian designed and chef-inspired meals delivered weekly straight to your home. The meals are created to provide complete nutrition while tasting like gourmet dishes. 

  • Each cliet recieves a personalized consultation, complete with bloodwork.
  • Registered Dietician and Certified Personal Trainer Brent Wilson works with clients individually to create their ideal workouts.
  • Registered Dietician and Certified Personal Trainer Brent Wilson works with clients individually to create their ideal workouts.
  • All i2u meals are accompanied by reheating/serving instructions