Healthy—and Delicious—Desserts

Article by Hayley Hyer

There's a line from the NBC show, The Good Place, that says, "There's something so human about taking something great and ruining it a little so you can have more of it." While that's probably true about a lot of healthy dessert alternatives out there, these four recipes beg to differ. These desserts have some ingredient swaps to make them healthier than your average treat, but they also pack a ton of flavor and have great texture too. Try a few out for yourself and put them to the taste test!

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Healthy Banana Cake with Dark Chocolate Fudge

Typically the word "fudge" implies tons of calories and a richness that makes it easy to overdo it. This banana cake from Sheina Fernandes has just the right amount of chocolate, leaving you perfectly satisfied. Bonus—it's gluten-free and dairy-free, so you can share it with your friends no matter what their dietary needs may be.

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Berry Swirl Coffee Cake

For all kinds of gluten-free options and other healthy desserts, The 131 Method is a great source. These sugar-free and gluten-free coffee cake bars are part cake and part Danish pastry. The cream cheese keeps it from being dairy-free, but the benefit is that it has some protein and is substantial enough to be your breakfast. That's a win!

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Blueberry Crumble

If you need more berry goodness in your life, The 131 Method also has this yummy crumble that is a great snack or breakfast packed with 10.5 grams of protein in each serving and only 8.5 grams of carbs. They also offer an option to add collagen to give your body and skin a boost with every berry bite.

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Chocolate Lava Cake for One

This roundup wouldn't be complete without one more chocolate dessert. Luckily, The 131 Method comes back again with a lava cake just for you. One of the hardest things about delicious desserts is eating a proper serving. This recipe is two steps ahead of you! It makes one perfectly-portioned cake so you can enjoy stress-free. For those times when you need chocolate right now, you can pop this cake in the microwave and have it ready in five minutes.

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